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DC bboy1 Reply

NOW THAT……. was a good game . Lamar u to nasty with the moves

    Troy Mathis Reply

    Kevin McClintock it’s a team sport. The outcome has nothing to do with this guy’s comment. Idiot

    Troy Jones Reply


    steelerj2000 Reply

    @Hmkls He lost.

    Take that monkey shit off, you embarrassing us! Reply

    STANLEY CUP – I’m embarrassed for you mother. Her failed at sports miserably yet he comments as if he could play, respectfully.

Dan Tiongson Reply

Yeah the Ravens lost the game but this whole Lamar Jackson disrespect needs to stop immediately

    MulhollandDrive Reply

    @Arthur Mel who’s saying he’s the next Mahomes? Lol. He can’t throw like Mahomes does – and Mahomes doesn’t have the speed or elusiveness as Lamar. They don’t compare. Can we just appreciate the skills that thses guys process. It’s a different breed of qb these days.

    Double D Reply

    @0077725 You are not aloud to make things up or put words in peoples mouths. Nobody said Mahomes was a GOD. he will have games that are not as great as the previous game. Ravens fans for the last week has talked some of the most bizarre trash I have seen from a fan base. Lamar had literally two good games against the worst teams in the NFL. I am sorry but the Raiders and the Jags are not as bad as the teams Ravens played. Ravens fans acting foolish over Lamar because they won two games. for the longest time that score was 30 to 13. they only towards the end scored the 28. in the NFL that is called garbage points. the Chiefs knew exactly what they were doing all along. don’t be ignorant. take that L little fella.

    Crimsonfang Reply

    If you get the ball down the field, why’s it matter how you do it? Having such strong legs is a strategic option and they’re proving that. He can look one way while Mark runs the other. When he goes to hand off the ball, if a lane opens up where he’s looking he can just pull the ball back and run it himself, or throw it if there’s an open receiver. Stop being so one-dimensional.

    ThatIntaminGuy Reply

    @Arthur Mel Nobody is proclaiming LJ to be on Mahomes’ level dude. If by challenged you mean annoyed at all the BS LJ hate then yeah, I fit your interpretation.

Sowaveyalex Reply

I’m a ravens fan but shady still looking young

De’Jon Fuller Reply

Why is nobody talking about Robinson (Chiefs WR) though ?!

    Mark W. Reply

    Speaking of Chiefs WRs, whatever happened to that lightning rod of a speed demon – ‘Hill’ from last year?

    Matt Burasco Reply

    @Mark W. he’ll be back in a couple weeks. He got pretty messed up week 1. I think he will be back week 4-6. He’s already out of his sling and was playing basketball the other day.

    Mark W. Reply

    @Matt Burasco Thanks for taking the time to reply Matt! Appreciate it 🙂

    David & Chloe Anuszewski Reply

    Because he has Mahomes throwing to him. Just like how Brady can turn any average receiver into a great receiver so can Mahomes.

    CAmeron Houston Reply

    hitman hit *After His Achilles Injury

wengx wengx Reply

stupid coaching decision . 2point conversion.
going all to 4th down in your own 40yard line.

    Francisco Leite Reply

    wengx wengx You said it all, man. Harbaugh keeps losing games for us. He bottom line don’t want to use Tucker ever!! And that 4th down at our 40….smh…We could have one this if he wasn’t such a stupid coach.

    Cesar Galvez Reply

    Francisco Leite stupid asf only reason Lamar doing work is because of harbaugh . If they did 3 field goals still would have lost .

    Craig Carson Reply

    Honestly, the Ravens D should feel embarrasses by their coach going for 2 3 times and 4th down..that showed a complete lack of faith in them being able to stop the KC offense

ACiD_ ReinX Reply

Mahomes looks like is going to be MVP again this year hot damn

    Jp811 Reply

    Mahomes is going to win MVP a lot . He might be the best quarterback talent wise ever

    manofgames4555 Reply

    Lamar Jackson most likely will be the MVP

    ACiD_ ReinX Reply

    @Brice Tikum Lamar as been impressive so far no doubt about that for sure.

    jimo moon Reply

    he looks like he never missed a beat.

    Larry God Reply

    And about to get $$$$$

King of The Jungle Bishop Reply

As a Raven fan our secondary suspect af this the 2nd week they blown coverage leaving receivers wide open

    Terrell Terrell Reply

    Corners was hurt defense will be better but they also gonna have T. HILL BACK FOR PLAYOFF

    Carson Mitchell Reply

    tell ur coach to run the ball more. from what i saw on the highlights you guys had an advantage runningit w/ ingram

    Low Tier Trash Reply

    Don’t you guys have Jimmy Smith and Earl Thomas III?

    R3KK Reply

    @Low Tier Trash the ravens were playing without jimmy smith and Marlon Humphrey, they are our top cb… idk what happened to Humphrey but we needed him this game.

    Sixth Dream Reply

    Jimmy got hurt in the first game of the year

Lonny Ronny Reply

If I’m a ravens fan I have to be excited about this season. Hella of a game. Chiefs are the AFC favs and you lose by a few mistakes.

    Andrey Popov Reply

    Pats will get them again

    bvswtwolves21 Reply

    Lonny Ronny pats are favs ravens are a below defense unlike NE

    Jared Reply

    Preseason I saw where the computer models had the Chiefs not even making the playoffs this year.  Not even a wildcard.

    Dark Sharxx Reply


Alex Hendershot Reply

Ingram looks like marshawn Lynch out there

Maxime Reply

Superb game by two of the most intriguing teams this season

IVORY123100 Reply

As a Ravens fan .. The Chiefs are for Real !! .. They are the team to beat right now with that unbelievably talented quarterback

    Paul McCartknee Reply

    Matt Burasco Yeah you’re right, teams make changes every year and guess what? The Patriots are even BETTER this year. Their defense is playing lights out, … I acknowledge the fact that Pat Mahomes is an amazing talent and he’s probably going to win MVP again this year… but in a situation where you’re down 1 score in the 4th, 2:00 on the game clock and you’re on your own 20 yard line, who would you rather have? Mahomes or the GOAT?

    Matt Burasco Reply

    @Paul McCartknee I would still rather have Mahomes. My opinion though. I know the Patriots got better this year. Brady and belichick are force for sure. However, they haven’t played a team with a win yet. They’ve played some pretty terrible teams so far. Again, I’m not saying they are a weak team. But the Chiefs are also a lot better than last year. We will see though.

    pete draper Reply

    IVORY123100. I agree: but Lamar Jackson was really impressive. Infact, I thought the Ravens played some brilliant football. Great game.

    Manny Man Reply

    @Chris Hick GET OFF MAHOMES NUTS!!


    Thanks bro i have a feeling it will be the chiefs and ravens for awhile cause i see yall beasting also

Gold Teeth Reply

At 12:07 lamer Jackson started to give a piggy back ride to the chiefs defense 😂😂😂

    Brian Street Reply

    Lmao it’s a backpack sack 😂


    Facts i seen that

Baraka Kahindi Reply

Lamar Jackson a beast but Mahomes is just another breed with that arm man

    steelerj2000 Reply

    Warren Moon or Brett Favre have better arms, by far . . .

    Evan Rodriguez Reply

    steelerj2000 they don’t have mahome’s accuracy, and the margin is not by far, mahomes is up there with them

John 2020 Reply

Jackson is the luckiest man alive: should have had at least three picks and conpleted some horrendous throws.

    Shawn Hall Reply

    @Craig Carson yes he does.

    Yoh. A Reply

    Ashofied Gaming
    He knew he was throwing to an MLB

    Craig Carson Reply

    @Shawn Hall in fact Mahomes doesnt..you’ve never seen Mahomes throw a hail mary desperation pass like that..the pass he threw to Hill against Baltimore last season was a hail mary pass..it was a pass off a scramble and Hill was open

    Troy Jones Reply

    John 2020 i can tell you never played football

    John 2020 Reply

    @Troy Jones how so?

TheDoubleDinger Reply

Loving the sportsmanship between Chiefs and Ravens fans on this one. Lamar and Co. put up a great fight. Great game! Go Chiefs!

Entertain Your Brain Reply

ravens should have run the ball more they were gashing KC

thenewjord50 Reply

I think PM is a sayain from a different universe and the only threat to Lord Brady

Slimmy Johns Reply

4:00 why is no one talking about this? That was crazy


    it was the best

    hakim Oneal Reply

    @STANLEY CUP I thinppo

    Kl00lp opop0pilklikook

    Shane Anthony Reply

    His acceleration was nuts. Didn’t think he had the speed to get past the defense but damn he put the afterburners on

Edgar's Modern Life Reply

Mahomes accuracy is becoming dangerously good and on top of that it’s only his second year as a starter! Wish him a healthy career he’s on pace to break many records

    steelerj2000 Reply

    In a rookie contract. If K.C. dont pay this dude, it will be worse than the 83` draft . . .

kenold joseph Reply

Mahome is better than a lot of today’s best QB, this kid is very special.

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