Ravens Unscripted: We’re in Playoff Mode – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Unscripted: We’re in Playoff Mode

Evan Washburn, WBAL’s Pete Gilbert, John Eisenberg and Ryan Mink break down the week’s hot topics before a divisional matchup against the Titans.

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The One



second 🙂


    True…talented and nothing to lose is very dangerous, but no one didn’t think we would be here either.  It’s going to be a great match.  Go Ravens!

Gavin Jernigan

a hundred and fifty third!

Devon Griffith

Last time I was this early, the doubters were still spouting s#it left and right

king shark

We coming out in a 5w no back set. 2min drill offense. Lol I wish.

Let’s go ravens, awwwwwrk.

    FBI Agent

    king shark I see you here every time😚

grim farm

One game at a time!!😈😁😁😈👍👽👍🌏

Kamal Porter

Let’s Go!!

O.G RayJack

Ooo, o, o, o, ooooo!! Lego!!

Matthew Marquez

Go ravens

Mr. Pooch

The Patriots had the ball on the 1 ydl and didn’t score td. Patriots would’ve up 17, 7, the titans with all the running should’ve lost, Greg R, will be the difference.

Lion Thomas

Ya say the titans have nothing to lose it’s an elimination game both teams have everything to lose


    Like wtf are they talking about! lmaoo

Computer Guy

I’m calling it now…Lamar comes out for 4th quarter!


    LIPSHIPSnFINGATIPS gonna be losing some money then


    @Bennybass No risk no reward but we’ll see.


Ravens Unscripted is always a good show

Jordan Davis

This show always has a great crew

the legendztruth

We need to do what we have done all year. Pound the football down the opponents throats, keep them off the field and then our defense getting stops and turnovers. We win this game easily playing Ravens football. Go Ravens!!!

A_Train W

Both teams have nothing to lose

Donovan Sales Sr.

This game is going to be a BLOWOUT the RAVENS are to punch them in the mouth and like the mighty titan they will QUIT!!!

    IndieFlick Jim

    Maybe, I really hope Ingram plays

    Donovan Sales Sr.

    IndieFlick Jim With him or without him we will WIN!!!

Cool Running

4 passing touchdowns we don’t need to run lamar purposely he is a passer .

Kennard B

Happy Bday to Lamar Jackson = TRUSS



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