Ravens Unscripted: Need a Fast Rebound vs. Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Unscripted: Need a Fast Rebound vs. Browns

Evan Washburn, The Athletic's Jeff Zrebiec, Garrett Downing and Ryan Mink debate the week's hottest issues before a big Week 4 matchup against Cleveland.

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Kenny young, peanut, Bowser and Tim williams need to step up in a huge way. Linebacker play has been sub par to me but again ive seen lewis and mosley play lmao

    Billy Batson

    Johnny9 yep peanut wasnt lookin to good

    Troy Mathis

    Na you’re right it’s been subpar compared to any NFL team

    Chris Rife

    Defensive line needs to step up and start collapsing offensive lines. Linebacker play does matter but ravens need to generate pressure on the QB, Thomas could actually go to work if a QB isn’t settled inside the pocket.

    Lion Thomas

    Throw Jefferson in too

king shark

We have a video game athletic qb,,… but by no means, can our coach be video game strategizing, j. Harb has , and I hope have learned, dont put our young qb in a situation that not even tom brady is put in.

Now, … we need the secondary to step up, press man, stay on that man, fk passing off, I dont wanna say, but gotta say, stop sending earl Thomas on getting stoned blitz gaps, same we did with weddle, you sending our safety, he has to get there, no outside blitz for the safety has worked yet in 2 seasons. Nnnn we need earl to not go Mia for 3 weeks in a row.

Let’s kick some browns azz, so I can hear more, lamar is trending and baker is overrated 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … I’m looking at a kid in Virginia vs Notre dam , kid for Virginia Charles Snowden. Clowney type speed and pass rusher.

    Seem the freg pick not panning out, … although I wish they give Dylan mack some reps big Williams numbers kinda low , mike pierce balling tho.

    king shark

    @Black Future … true I remember him jumping in the face but not much in way of getting, getting there.

    Got there, got there between the tackles better with the guys stuntn more.

    Lion Thomas

    shark  Ravens don’t recruit locally

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … they better give this kid a look, he’s freakish. His on field play has him looking like a 4.4, to no worse than 4.6 guy. He’s 6’7 240

    He might be off the board any way by the time we pick. Kid could be worth a go up.


    BW is not a stat guy, he’s an eat the focus of 2 or 3 lineman guy which helps our rush defense insanely.


Our corners need to do better

    Lion Thomas

    Pass rusher need to rush

    Black Future

    Thats the best they can do. Averett been gettin burned since preseason.

El - Amin

It was obvious Mark Andrews was not 100% vs Kansas City, I expect him to be more involved this week and wreck havoc.

    M olson

    He practiced one day last week and was listed as questionable until game day yet he received 49 offensive snaps and the other two TE’s combined for the same amount. Even hurt our coaching staff put a lot on his plate with 7 targets for 3 catches which was second most behind Hollywood who had 9 targets for 2 catches. Mark is an absolute stud at TE when healthy, I just hope we aren’t over working him while he is nursing an injury.

    El - Amin

    @M olson I think this week we are going to see a WHOOOOOOLE lot of Mark and Gus…those two are a throwback to the days of Jamaal Lewis and Priest Holmes and Priest really only got one season to give a true glimpse of his potential as a Raven.

    The Ravens NEED to force feed that Cleveland defense a bunch of our dynamic duo…Gus Edwards man, that brother is unheralded…all he does is gain yards!


    M olson

    Gus Edwards is quite underrated he averaged 7 yards a carry last game while Mark Ingram was the stud that put up 100+ yards and 3 TDs averaging 5.1 yards a carry. I like Gus a lot but the organization was tired of getting burned every year on a different one year wonder RB. I personally thought that Gus was more than antiquate to carry the load this season, yet can’t deny that Mark Ingram was a great addition that really does the same stuff as Gus so when one is struggling the other can get the bulk of the carries.

Ravens Review

Defense was rough all around versus KC. Lamar missed a couple fine-touch passes to the end zone, but really tried to rally. Tough loss, but not without its encouraging moments. They hung in there.

    Kevin Mcneill

    Definitely they gave up too many big plays

Michael Douglas

Miles boykin needs to get more involved and build some form of chemistry with Lamar


    I say use him more in the redzone.

    M olson

    He was the story of training camp and the preseason but hasn’t really translated to regular season yet. Every game he has been getting fewer snaps with only 14,13 and then 12 snaps in consecutive games. Same time Seth Roberts snap count is increasing as well as Hollywood Brown. Right now it seems like a confidence issue as the few times he is actually targeted he drops the ball. I am rooting for the kid as I absolutely loved his film coming out of Norte Dame, he needs to just keep grinding and figuring out different ways to get some separation in the NFL so that Lamar might feel more comfortable giving him more attention during the games when he is out there.

    Lion Thomas

    He gotta catch…..👌words


I don’t understand the point of not utilizing ALL of our WRs. KC used ALL of our their targets, leading to the secondary lost on who to cover because EVERYONE was a weapon. Need to give these WRs more reps regardless if they are not completely open so we can see who is our #3, #4 WRs… almost all passes to Andrews and Hollywood had multiple KC defenders on them. Why not throw to the guy who’s one-on-one especially BIG bodied WRs Boykin/Scott. They keep dropping the ball because they don’t get enough reps… Not gonna be polished if you only get a pass once per game… Makes no sense.

    Lion Thomas

    G-Ro…….I got 👁👁 on him……we are stacked with mismatches on O……he ain’t using guys for skill set he just has plays for option 1.2.3

    Black Future

    Garret doesn’t think its a problem, what reciever u know wants to block all game 16 games smh

Troy Mathis

Averett trash. Canady garbage. Jefferson needs to get off Twitter and get in the playbook before I start calling him trash too

    Lion Thomas

    Jefferson be all on TV

    Tony Quintino

    Agree on all 3


    Averett extremely young & inexperienced. Canady out of step w 1st team or even being on the 53. Jefferson had a bad game, & really hasn’t been as good since coming to Baltimore.

    Troy Mathis

    Merkaba Jefferson is better the closer he gets to the line of scrimmage. He can tackle blitz and run stop. He shouldn’t be playing single high tho idk what Martindale was thinking on that 83 yarder


when is deshon elliott gonna play 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Spencer Dye

    I think he could play CB better than Averret. I wonder if they have atleast tried him there


    Spencer Dye i think he could play nickel better but anthony is definitely a better corner

    Black Future

    Just gotta believe the ravens know what they’re doing…look at jaylon ferguson…ppl were prob like why he not in but when he got in he shot the gap the run went right around his side

    Tony Quintino

    When they release Tony Jefferson this offseason if he don’t improve

Buck Browning

Accuracy is now in question. .Too many plays missed. .Where’s Deshon Elliot?..

    M olson

    They had Jefferson, Thomas, Clark and Levine Sr all active so Deshon Elliot was the 5th option and therefore the odd man out. Levine Sr can play S and MLB and for whatever reason the coaching staff seems higher on Chuck Clark than Deshon Elliot. I would tend to agree with you but we aren’t there day to day seeing whatever it is that convinces the coaches that Clark is better.

Faiz Rehman

We have to get other players involved in the pass game. We’ll become to one dimensional and predictable if we just keep throwing the ball to our TEs


I feel like the Ravens need to look at some tape and see what the patriots did with hernandez/Gronk and copy that for Hurst/Andrew’s

Lion Thomas

Defense turn up CRAZY…..Let’s go MANE!!!!

Lion Thomas

Hill should get the ball in space

godlikekreations. com

The offensive line bad play in wide receivers not named Brown not making plays and getting open is a recipe for disaster Boykins when he does get his opportunities continuously drops the ball and we’re not going to talk about how bad we Miss j.Smith those DB’s have to be better but we’re not going far we put up 28 points that should be good enough just saying going for for every two point conversion in every 4th Down we’re not going to win many games that just shows me the coach has no confidence and team

Silver Gorilla Apparel Media Music

The Ravens was trying to have a gunslinging war against The Chiefs..they shouldve used all 3 backs…and Lamars legs and arm…just get back to winning..prove haters wrong by winning


Be nice to see some journalists wear work cloths maybe some socks.

Tristan Draper

I think this game was a measuring stick of Lamar’s growth. Lamar throw over 40 times. So now we know it’s 20-35 attempts (like Russell Wilson’s first few years) and We lost and we’ll make the adjustments. Let us all be honest we didn’t run the offense all preseason. I don’t think we even opened up the playbook

Black Future

Damn Garrett wants the receivers to just be happy with blocking cmon man

Donovan Sales Sr.

The RAVENS have 3 must wins coming up.

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