Ravens Unscripted Home for Week Two – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Unscripted Home for Week Two

Evan Washburn, John Eisenberg, Clifton Brown and Garrett Downing break down the ' hot start in Miami and look forward to facing the Arizona Cardinals.

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king shark

We in for another big game, …
1st… I’m saying it again and again, we have a bonafide secret weapon in patrick Ricard, dammm dude 311lbs and gotta be a 4.6 – 8 forty guy. Check his tape and how far down field he gets, just look at him at practice. He’s a freak. Plus already filling the stat sheet.

Cardinals, going to get a taste what the last 1st year head coach in Miami got, a run up, … we are officially a dual threat team, that can exploit any sector of the field, .. you load the box, we will go deep, you two deep safety and we can underneath dink and donk, you try run nickel and we will rpo yah. You 3’4 base and we will hard run the ball.

AZ will get a few underneath crossing passes off, will have no run game, and get down to not even be able to go to a run game, earl gets 2 ints this game, probably 5 to 6 total turnovers and we getting 6 plus sacks.

At best az gets two fgs , naaah, we get our Krispy Kreme on, striaght 🍩

Oooooo, and we already sitting on 40mins time of possession game 1. With lamar, we been avgn 30min. 30mins of possession is winning football from blow out to close game.

Ravens – a buffet
Cardinals – 🍩

Henry Brackens

Lamar has juice!! passing it to the teamπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜

king shark

Ravens are officially the floyd Mayweather of football right now, … when we win, everyone going to try to discredit our win, and pull apart our opponents.

Beat Miami, … media and pundits, but miami isn’t a nfl caliber talent team in reality.

Going to smoke az, .. media and pundits, but az has a rookie head coach , short rookie qb and aging wr.

Going to be excuse after excuse this year, when we win. … true raven flockers can feel it. 🀣🀣🀣

    king shark

    @Vincent Coleman … you see it coming already when the dolphins lose by maybe 20 to the Pat’s, it’s going be ahhh a division foe, they this and that, all of a sudden Miami will be a nfl team again, lol.

    Hmmmm did our big win in Miami foreshadow us, getting back to Miami. πŸ€”πŸ€—πŸ€ž

    Vincent Coleman

    @king shark let’s hope not, but only time will tell bro!!!

    Thomas Morgan

    This has always been the case for the Ravens. It’s actually a good thing because it keeps bandwagon fans away. There’s only one type of Ravens fan- real Ravens fans.

    Vincent Coleman

    @Thomas Morgan TRUE. Ravens Nation

    king shark

    @Thomas Morgan , true that, but they sneaking in on the bandwagon, and I hope the new era ravens handle the praise properly and dont get like how these over hype browns are and we end up getting handled.

    Our praise coming, hope we handle well.

Stephen Scott

At some point in the very near future, we are gonna look around the league and see 80% black starting QBs. Can’t wait!

    Mac jones

    @king shark of course they are! I can see that happening

    Paul Prestianni

    @Mac jones When the Colts left, I became an Oilers fan because of Moon. He was incredible

    Mac jones

    @Paul Prestianni Yep! He won championships in Canada came back to the NFL when it was kinda safe to do it and became a Hall of Famer! Amazing!!

    Edward Leas

    Ok cleo

    Fa Q Buddy

    It’s not a black thing it’s a athletic thing


Mark Ingram lll

    Edward Leas

    Play action opened permanently

Michael Dower

GM Eric Decosta and the Ravens coaching staff deserves some credit because they have plan that looks like it’s working for the most part and adding pieces that fit this system


Bro, I been playing with this team on Madden and I see now why I put up hella points πŸ˜‚ EA had it right, this offense is gonna be special

jake nail

Look forward to this every week! Thanks for making them. Go Ravens.

cruddy waters

πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜₯ Thanks to the greatest team ever. I’m trying to get a record for most cars sold in a month‼️ @koonsbaltimoreford @theo_thecar_matchmaker #askfortheo #ford #carsalesman #baltimore


My question is : It looks to me like Lamar Jackson ( I’ll have eat crow for last years comments because I didn’t like the Flacco was treated and Will probably be the same way when Lamar get replaced ) is reading The Defense ‘s plays as good as any QB in the NFL today ?

Edward Leas

You know Suggs salty being a cardinal on the low

    Lion Thomas

    He getting good checks

Lion Thomas

I’m not gonna say it but……πŸ‘πŸ‘ I see πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†in the Ravens NEAR future!!!

Lion Thomas

Eric Decosta is a genius……he solved the WR problem 🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫……….don’t tell OZZIE 😏

    Michael Dower

    Ozzie was a great GM but Eric Decosta saw the big picture and realized speed kills in this sport

Lion Thomas

Hey no disrespect but it’s kinda ok Jimmy went down early because you knew it was coming least he got it over with and should be back late when the Ravens really need him

SiXwas Here

#BeMore πŸ’œπŸ’›

Leroy Worsley

Earl Thomas was a Awesome pick up! And “Not bad for a Running Back!” Lamar Jackson!

jae flyyboii williams

Squad for life

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