Ravens Unscripted: AFC Leaders Clash in Kansas City – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Unscripted: AFC Leaders Clash in Kansas City

Evan Washburn, WBAL's Pete Gilbert, Clifton Brown and Ryan Mink break down the biggest topics from the win over Arizona and preview Sunday's tilt vs. the Chiefs.

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Leroy Worsley

Lamar Action Jackson for NFL MVP!!!!

Leroy Worsley

Mark Andrews is Awesome! #89!

    SZG Sports

    he’s a monster

    William Nemec

    Leroy Worsley MANDREWS!

SZG Sports

L. Jack will show the hater he’s the real thing against KC. We have the team to beat them. I think is going to be a battle but we come on top.

    Lion Thomas

    It’s LJ8 bruh

    SZG Sports

    @Lion Thomas ok …

Leroy Worsley

The Baltimore RAVENS could be in The Mix! AFC Championship game again!!!

    Lion Thomas

    Better be

Leroy Worsley

Earl Thomas could be the difference maker!

    Childish Hipster

    Leroy Worsley will be!!!!

Lil Dub

I just wonder where all of these fucco cocksucker’s are now. They used to make me sick. Now we have a real elite starting QB

    Lil Dub

    Mfs won’t be satisfied until we’re the laughing stock of the league

    the legendztruth

    Same here

    the legendztruth

    @Jacabo Blanco I agree. What were they thinking?


    The sign of an ignoramus is counting their horses before the battle is over. That fucco as you called him, has a Superbowl ring and several AFC championship appearances. that’s why I don’t watch much football anymore because of the ignoramuses that comment on YouTube. When your boy has at least one then you maybe can talk crap about Flacco? There’s always the chance that he’s going to make one too many runs and get his ACL or PCL torn. Remember what Ray Lewis did to Michael Vick? You have a real short memory. Most of the offense that surrounded Flacco during his tenure in Baltimore pretty much sucked with the exception of a few years, yet that fucco as you called him, was able to get us into a super bowl and several AFC championships. It’s not flacco’s fault that a kicker can’t kick a simple field goal and Evans can’t hold on to a pass in the end zone? It’s not flacco’s fault thatcertain tight ends can’t keep a pass in their hands which would have led to a super bowl. It’s not flacco’s fault that are running back drops the football against Pittsburgh. Yes Flacco did throw an interception and fumble the ball himself but not before he had us up by several touchdowns. If Denver surrounds him with quality players they will be in the playoffs.

bernard griffin

Lamar Jackson will have 4000 passing and 1000 rushing with 40 total touchdowns.
That sounds like MVP unless Patrick mahomes pass for 60 td

    Lion Thomas

    Sho nuff

Keith Howard

Yo that dude with the long sleeve plad shirt is an a-hole

    The Hell Walker

    Yea he’s extremely negative

Bodymore MDummy

LaMAR MARk Andrews MARquise Brown MARk Ingram all Ravens play makers have MAR in they name meaning we going MARch right to the super bowl MARk my words

    A J C Sr

    MAR VEL😈US..!



    Jordan Clayton

    Hell no that guy was a flake

    Bodymore MDummy

    Jordan Clayton lmao 🤣 for sure

Ravens Review

I’m not worried about our offense. I’m worried about the defense, especially the secondary. I’m looking to Earl to be the difference maker back there.

Joseph Cadarette

Most important thing about last game.. we faced adversity. Idc who the opponent is a win is a win. I’m glad we had a close game instead of another blowout. We’ll be more grounded/focused for KC this sunday

    Jerry Heffern

    o it’s going to be a blowout all right just not the way you think you’re going to go up against a good team for the first time this year mahomes is going to crush it I’d be more worried about you team if you were as good as last year you’re not as good defense

    Joseph Cadarette

    @Jerry Heffern English please. And I didnt say that this next game was going to be a blowout.. I said I’m glad last game against the Cardinals wasnt a blowout.

Its Smooth

We gonna slap mahomes

    Jerry Heffern

    Slap mahomes on the back when he wins

    Its Smooth

    Jerry Heffern hell Nahh

Manuel Lee

Ravens are the real deal
Upset KC 30-13 Ravens

    SZG Sports

    that would be awesome

    Iceberg Slim

    I think we hold them to 23 an we score n the 30s

    Jerry Heffern

    You’re high you play the worst teams in the NFL so far this year Miami is going to be the worst team this year Arizona was the worst team last year

    Jerry Heffern

    And mahomes has scored no less than 26 points in all of the games

    Keaden Wheeler

    Dude stop smoking u not holding them to 23 points

El - Amin

Hollywood and Mandrews appear to be the overwhelming front runners as LJ8s main go to guys…wait until Miles and Hayden get a little more involved.



I’m very worried about our running game outside of Lamar. Absolutely no push from our interior.
As far as the secondary…we have a new safety w 2 corners out. Once Jimmy comes back and Earl gets more comfortable it’ll get better

Blacc R

StarVation Ravens Nation!!! At the end of the day, Lamar just brought us college 🏈 to the NFL, he just made football more exciting!!! Teams are going to have to score 50 or more, in the NFL now!!! That’s my meaning of college 🏈!!! Mark these words!!! Turn me up, meaning thumbs up?!!

the legendztruth

This game worries me. Our secondary and running game (minus Lamar) need to step it up. I feel Lamar will have a chip on his shoulder and will play well. Our secondary scares me. Please pick up Jalen Ramsey Baltimore.

Iceberg Slim

We beat Kansas City 30 something to 23. Our pass rush an earl thomas will make plays on defense. We’ll punish them n the fourth quarter with the run to seal the game. Patrick mahomeboy throws two picks. Let’s chill with the mvp talk an all the hype n just ball out.

    Keaden Wheeler

    U not holding the chiefs to 23 points

bcuz we dont Read

I know im going to the home playoff game!

Mo Brown

Should be a great game.
NFL fans have a tendency to overreact to their teams performance the previous week. The NFL is such a week to week league (Any given Sunday, well besides the 2019 Dolphins).
Ravens fans especially are temperamental and reactionary to “SINGULAR” games. This week every one is concerned about the secondary, (fact is the Arizona offense will be solid and they will be better than a year ago ~ Watch them beat Carolina this week)
The running game (people complaining that Lamar was the only effective runner last week} Well it’s difficult to run when the other team stacks 8 and 9 in the box to stop the run game.
The fact is every team presents different challenges based on their scheme and personnel. Not every game will look the same.
Hopefully the Ravens can finish September 3-1 and finish October 3-1. Go into the stretch run 6-2 and competing for the Division.
None of us here are football guru’s, lol people speak as if they KNOW what they are really talking ABOUT. Lol, I JUST curb my enthusiasm and enjoy watching the Ravens each week. Particularly this rendition of the Ravens. So far so good and exciting.

    Baltimore Ledge

    Well said 💯

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