Ravens Report: Week 6 vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Report: Week 6 vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals in a Week 6 AFC North matchup. Hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh about that game, and from kicker Justin Tucker after his game winner in Pittsburgh.

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king shark Reply

Please lets blow the Bengals out the water, … but at all cost let’s get that 4-2 record, it just look so much better than 3-2 … bring back little joe.

    Cheesy Poof Man Reply

    Joe Flacco? He stinks.

    king shark Reply

    @Cheesy Poof Man .. lol , wrong joe…. my dice game people know what that means. 😎

    Deborah Kerns Reply

    Little Joe?

    king shark Reply

    @Deborah Kerns little joe, the hard 🎲🎲

RaidSIZZ Reply

Wait..Ingram hasnt had a TD yet?

    1RICHDEV Reply

    RaidSIZZ he leads all rushers in them

    RaidSIZZ Reply

    1RICHDEV well the lady said Ingram is still trying to find his FIRST rushing td so that’s why I was confused

    rizennsunn Reply

    She meant in a home game

    RaidSIZZ Reply

    rizennsunn yea the bungles

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