Ravens Report Week 1 Preview vs. MIami Dolphins | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Report Week 1 Preview vs. MIami Dolphins | Baltimore Ravens

As the Ravens get ready to open the 2019 regular season, hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh and running back Mark Ingram to preview the upcoming season.

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Elias Ghanem

Who else here dying for Sunday??

    RealRullah 727

    Let’s fricken Go!!!!

    andrew vega

    Why would you die Sunday ? We gave a game to watch !!!

    Carlos Simmons

    If u die…no football


    3 and a half hours left. Gonna be a bright season… Let’s get it!

    Jovhonte Jones

    Yo it’s Monday and I’m loving it

Isaiah Shimmel

Lamar’s gonna be better now that he’s had an offseason to work with.


    Lets hope so

    Tyrus Williams

    Isaiah Shimmel facts

Yvette Buchanan

I am so happy for Sunday!!

Julian Shipp Jr

Let’s get this big Dub Ravens πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’―

    Kyle Bower

    Aint nothin… Miami is gonna get burned down baby

    Moomer Elite

    Tbh im scared they will find a way to beat us

    Cody Comstock

    @Moomer Elite ye of little faith

Noble 6

Having Mo as a Raven fan is really something special, truly heartwarming

Christinna's Creations

Omgoodness that was beautiful πŸ˜‡πŸ˜₯❀.
Luv yah πŸ’•

Mo Brown

That young man “Mo Gaba” is inspirational. In a City with so MUCH violence and where it appears that many value death, Mo Gaba is so full of life. I honestly have a different perspective on my problems after listening to him. The spirit this young man has‼️
Let’s go Mo
Let’s go Raven’s

william demby

I haven’t been this hype since 2013!!!, Ravens no. 1 forever.

Dustin Platt

I bet if John stops coaching he’ll end up as a commentator or TV host or something. He’s well spoken and can talk just about anything.


I wish we could all come together in real life like the Ravens come together for Moβ€β€πŸ’―πŸ’―

Derrick luv

Mo is so inspirational , brought tears too my eyes , wish him and his family the best…

Neikiale Ransom

Yo Mo Gaba makes me smile unintentionally

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

I love Ingram because he believes in Lamar.

Sb Staysharp

We have a Heisman winning Qb and Rb in the backfield..


And shoutout to their media team. The quality they put out is top shelf. That hype video feels like it was made by a major studio

    Courtney Fraser

    L.Sneed where is the hype video?


Nobody touching the Bmore Brawlers this team is built to win and they’re all young.

Gregory Campbell

Man Erin is thick and sexy as hell

Chase Murphy

As a Ravens fan not from Baltimore, I haven’t gotten to see much of Mo, so this video was really touching. He seems like such a great kid and I’m glad we have him as a fan.

Pear Boii


Cody Comstock

What is this tear like substance coming out of my eyes.

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