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Ben Gabrielson

mentality is the MOST important thing about success in the NFL. just look at the browns this season, and shitsburgh the last.


    Ben Gabrielson Steelers has too many head cases last year. Tomlin is a great coach and mentality problems aren’t a major issue for them. Browns are the poster child for mentality issues.

Eli Ocken

Whoever’s going to the game come to section 552 and get me beer I don’t have an ID thx ly

    BG YON

    Eli Ocken 😂😂😂

    Blade Runner

    Bring the weed and beers on me.


    @Blade Runner Bring the weed and weed on me.

    Victor Pouesi

    I’ll be rooting from Utah😈 LEHGOOOOO!!!!

Sebastian Turman

Super Bowl 54! Lets get it!

king shark

Ravens faced a murderous row of defenses at the end of the season, titans got a good defense too, just another 1st look team, that is going to get ambushed.

    king shark

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers … 😲😲😲 sounds a bit far fetched, but sounds about dam right.

    king shark

    @Antonio Rezik … yep, but it’s the titans 1st look at Jackson and only 1 team has beat him and that’s kc, titans aren’t near kc level.

    Titans are toast.

    king shark

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers .. yep

    king shark

    @darrin chambers .. exactly… we played too many tough defensive teams at the end, and we made it through. We gone ambush this titans team.

    Shane Norris

    darrin chambers Bro no one cares if you’re an OG ravens. Kinda sus you felt the need to mention it lmao

Rachel Smith

I clicked on the video before I got the notification

    Ravensfan23 *

    It’s playoff time, everything moves faster lol

CleanFishy ‘

I’m so hyped abt this game

    MW Vibes

    CleanFishy ‘ you don’t even know

Dylan Money

Big truss


Everybody passed up on Lamar now look at him.

    TexasBass Fishing

    We did as well


    @TexasBass Fishing We didn’t. We picked him first round.

    Prince Jaabaal

    @TexasBass Fishing strategic movements


    @Kaijucifer we DID pass on him, but we traded back to get him on the last pick of the first round

Wicket The Ewok


Daniel Reamer

Happy birthday Lamar


Ooooooh get ready all the bandwagons coming in

phlexxlugerr 1

let’s get this $$$ !!! 😈

The Hood Coach

I hear everybody talking about Derrick Henry in the main media like the Ravens don’t have the MVP. So what the Ravens go do about Derrick Henry the Real question is how The Titans go stop Lamar and that Ravens offense. The Ravens are not the Patriots

    eazye curry

    Bro I been saying this 2 😂 the Ravens have face tougher defenses and best these teams by 10 or better the Ravens will win by 10 or more

    The Hood Coach

    Brian Chang 💯Facts bruh

    Maui Waui

    I trust in Lamar but I feel an upset is waiting to happen. I hope not!

    Nate The Great

    sandman g Ravens have not forgotten who the Titans are…. They’ve never underestimated a team and will play hard with new plays! Go Ravens #BIGTRUSSS


    Matt ‘ The Claw’ Judon and crew will keep their QB on his heels all day. Load the box and snuff them out.

TSM Mont Miliner jr

Game day let get that w on this weekend 💯💜🖤

George Panagiotou

I’m irritated about the rainy weather but I hope it changes. Go ravens 👊🏼😈

Smurf Juice22


jayluv luv

Lets get it Baltimore Ravens Turn it up 🏈

Lion Thomas

Don’t sleep on Gus da Bus

darrin chambers

We are faced with a ground running team like ours!!
Problem is it’s gonna be a major problem for one go to guy to put up just as many points running as we have this season!!
Too many weaponds for the Titans to contend with…
Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight!!

Victor Pouesi

If ravens win the super bowl this year, I’m getting me a Domata Peko Jersey. I love supporting my Polynesian players on my ravens squad. From Ed Mulitalo to Haloti Ngata, even Ma’ake Kemoeatu. Now the hammer Peko! Let’s Go!!!!!😈


    Sounds good, brother!

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