Ravens Have Extra Motivation in Game of the Week | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Henry Bullen Reply

Prove them wrong again😈

Leroy Worsley Reply

And This Time, We are going to Win! GO RAVENS!!!!



Kevrokk Kills Reply

Cant wait.

Brian Noland Reply

An excellent matchup. A really good metric test to see exactly where we are at. Big test for the defense.

king shark Reply

🤔, we just faced one big 12 team in az, chiefs pretty much another big 12 type team.

We ran through the AFC west last year in my view, beat Oakland, beat the chargers 1st go round, and chiefs got lucky in overtime, … all this mind you, with a true greenhorn qb in Jackson and a sandlot game plan.

Now, our qb is still green, but better horned via having all the qb1 reps and protocol, plus better athletic talent on both sides of the ball.

We going to win, we basically coming off a loss in a sense vs az, we got our wake up call, we gone be locked and loaded come Sunday.

Chiefs, is big 12
Ravens, is acc/sec … we got this.

Kamal Porter Reply

Let’s win it this time!

Bodymore MDummy Reply

Ravens win if we run the ball don’t turn the ball over and take advantage of our opportunities…….2020 1st and 2021 2nd for Ramsey by the way

    YAYarea 510 Reply

    get ramsey and we set

    Jahmal Drummond Reply

    I’m more comfortable with a 2020 1st and 2021 2nd and 3rd, but I hear ya!

king shark Reply

Nnnn, don’t even think about a Ramsey deal, that money we will need to pay Humphrey and our own guys, plus the upcoming draft is going to be loaded with dbs.

    B Camm Reply

    king shark it’s tempting to go after Ramsey bcz he’s proven talent and if our DBs get torched this week and next then you hv to strongly consider a trade

    king shark Reply

    @B Camm …. we should beat the chiefs, we had them to the wall last year, but weddle just couldn’t hang with tyreek and Kelsey took mosely to the cleaners.

    We got better athletes this year, and trust LSU alone will have 3 dbs worth a pick.

    king shark Reply

    @B Camm but what do we trade, jags might want a early 1st rd looking team, , right now we could be a late 1st rd team.

    B Camm Reply

    king shark depends on how long Smith will be out and how our pass coverage looks vs elite teams. I’m not sure what player(s) I’d trade in addition to a FRP. Ramsey is a 24yr old All Pro who wants out, so you have to explore options to get him.

    king shark Reply

    @B Camm .. tough call to me, rather we look good or bad, he is wanting a huge payday, and Humphrey is playing his way into a huge payday as well.

    Plus we on the hook now for big money with earl, … and geez, Lamar is playing his way into a early deal.

    Hmmmmm, I guess we could get him now for what he is playing for this year, and let the season play out, then make all the tough calls in the offseason. Lol

jamal Omar Reply

Ravens Nation is unstoppable! 3-0 going into week 4

Ravens Review Reply

Some say we don’t need to waste money and picks on Ramsey… I say we do. We have such a complete team right now, but we’re just a notch short in the secondary, and we have plenty of cap space next year (including a bump from letting Jimmy Smith go after this season). Bring him in. Imagine next year, seeing Tavon Young, Marlon Humphrey, Earl Thomas, and Jalen Ramsey behind our D-Line… the NFL may as forfeit.

    Adrian Ceballos Reply

    Ravens Review the new legion of boom 😯

    Anthony Anderson Reply

    The only issue would is our pass rush good enough to make it worth it? Also, are we still sold on how much Earl Thomas has left in the tank? He looked against Miami, then was practically invisible last week. Still some questions remain there. Also, Humphrey will eventually warrant a big deal and you know Ramsey would as well in that situation. Do we pay both guys?

Eddie Business Reply


UnclePollo Pokes Reply

We need Jallen Ramsey to put fear into any team.

ryan kelly Reply

not tryna hate but this was the most pointless final drive yall have ever made…literally all the video said was “we play the chiefs this week and we also played them last year”

johnny williams Reply

Them tiny lil locker room 😂😂

Jace Woods Reply

Will we get CBS’s A team? should’ve been SNF big ups to Joan Jett reppin Bmore

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