Ravens Give Back for #RavensHuddlefor100 | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Give Back for #RavensHuddlefor100 | Baltimore Ravens

More than 15,000 people, including Ravens players and staff, volunteered in our region today, representing a combined 3.3 million+ minutes of service as we answer our Caw to Action.

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Sheila Moevao Reply

Go RAVENS!!!!!!

Abdul Saadiq Reply

Great job team 🙏🏽

Brandon Teal Reply


Ms Sandy Reply

Thank you Ravens! Parents and grandparents, make sure your children and grandchildren read, read, read!

Zachary Weybright Reply

Good job men!

Sean Skove Reply

I saw Lamar Jackson than Mark Ingram than Justin tucker…clean up on aile me. But in all seriousness the Ravens are a standard in the NFL for being apart of your community. Go Baltimore. Go RAVENS

Selena Hinson Reply

I enjoyed giving back to the very rec center i grew up in. Lamar & Willie were awesome.

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