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Ravens Defense Dominates Dolphins | NFL 2019 Highlights

The Ravens defense holds Miami to just 10 points. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Jose Acosta Reply

Ravens all the way baby

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

FitzTragic would make any defense look scary, but the Ravens defense was on him all day.

    John Crimson Reply

    Even when Rosen was in one player would yell “there he is” and point at Fitz

Deshaun Ellis Reply

Were going be a Problem This Season #RavenNation #Baltimore

    N8one _ Reply

    @Jose we’ll see about that

    Jose Reply

    N8one _ Who’s your team?

    N8one _ Reply

    @Jose so without knowing who my team was you think you’re going to drop that many points? Kinda funny.

    Jose Reply

    N8one _ I didn’t actually. I thought the Ravens would have like 21 or 28 but 59. I was not expecting that at all 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Escocivo 30 Reply

Ravens defense > Bears!

    BananaBro967 Reply

    Escocivo 30 wtf I’ll take the bears still

    Esketit Esketit Reply

    BananaBro967 meh the ravens secondary is actually deadly

    Davonta Action Reply

    @BananaBro967 the dolphins scored over 30 points against the bears and only 10 against ravens

    TTundragrizzly Reply

    No damn way

Fromthesoleup Reply

Leys GO RAVENS!!! Everyone came out to play!

Vikings Secondary Reply

Should’ve had more TOs

The Abstract Reply

I’m selling my baker mayfield jersey, I’m officially off the bandwagon

    N8one _ Reply

    Sell your Justin Bieber tshirts while you’re at it too

    kev m Reply


    Quan Lingwall Reply

    Don’t come looking 4 a new wagon

    bankroll fresh Reply

    Dude the season far from over and im a ravens fan

dijana stojanoska Reply

Miami got hit by huricane lamar

    Moe Moe Reply

    Category 10

    OnThe Gang Reply

    Nice copy and paste

    Houston Reply

    Wow, haha, much funny

I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai Reply

They shoulda kept tannehill

    mc getbusy Reply

    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai hell no

spicy weems Reply

Fins down go Ravens

Breon Mitchell Reply

Ravens 4-5 with Defense Lamar started

DeAndre Gang Reply

in from Baltimore

Finley Jeanbatiste Reply

We got destroyed

mc getbusy Reply

Good to see my dolphins tank for a full rebuild

    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai Reply

    Thats sad


The d was nice but trust me it’s not really them…. It’s Lamar.

    39 Cochise Reply

    ILL XANE how do you mean? As great as Lamar is and he is truly amazing , Ravens have ALWAYS and will forever be about defense first. Now if you mean they rally behind Lamar because of his personality then I agree. I’d like to see Broncos rally behind Flacco lol.

    ILL XANE Reply

    @39 Cochise I just am happy. Fr the debates b Killin my vibe but Appreciate u bro. So much negativity online feel me

Beau Man Reply

Matt judons hit was beastly

Fox Kenji Reply

Seahawks fan here.

I miss Earl Thomas.

    Enrique Magana Reply

    Fox Kenji Ravens fan here, thank you.

Jacob Sawyer Reply

I cant see Baker performing well against this d. Ravens will get a clean sweep of the north

Johnnyy Bravoo Reply


ryonanno7 Reply


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