Rashod Hill Spends The Day With St. Paul Police K9 Unit | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rashod Hill Spends The Day With St. Paul Police K9 Unit | Minnesota Vikings

T joins the St. Paul Police Unit to shadow Office Jay Curiel and his Havoc. Watch as he learns more about everything that goes into being a officer and the work St. Paul Police does in the community.

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I see this every October at the Valley View park in Bloomington,MN. It takes place on one of the baseball fields. It’s fun to watch. They don’t care if I watch outside the fence. Salute to all the brave police officers and police dogs. It’s such a privilege to live in a country where we can be protected from mass murderers with just a phone call.

Ryan Damon

2nd 💛💛💜💜


Rashad didnt enjoy that , he wanted to connect with another group. Should of let Bradbury go there or Elifline , they would of fit in better and talked more. Rashad prob got a family story and growing up in the naborhoods where hes from , them dogs are feared like cops cause they can be smarter and bite. No racist slur or judgement .

    Chasity Nicole

    That was deff racist and stereotype and he didn’t grow up in the hood thanks very much


    @Chasity Nicole thats why I said naborhood . Why does your comment have to be that way ? and since your a family memeber , why dont you offer some insight on Rashad Hill that shows thats hes quite and doesnt talk much and doesnt laugh and smiles alot when having a good time and thats the comment , that he was not enjoying it , forget what I said about where he grew up . Ive been following rashad since jacksonvill days , and I dont see the funny loud laugh and huge smile that he wears when hes enjoying himself .

    Chasity Nicole

    RealThor89 you deff just edit your comment from hood to neighborhood but my brother is just a nice humble quiet man and very observant and everyone is titled to their opinions…. No harm or file 💜

Patrick Browder

Officer: Hey Rashod, you wanna check out that bite sleeve?
Rashod: What?


All I saw was “hill hangs with the k9” and I was like ohhhh man what did Holton do now.

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