Rashawn Slater Reacts to Being Drafted By the Chargers, “Couldn’t have chosen a better destination” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“We’re gonna be so good” love the attitude!

    Jack Baxton

    Yeah that got me hyped!

Austin Weber

Look at his smile at 2:00 when Chris mentions protecting Herbert


    Love that! Bummed we couldn’t trade up for Sewell but this O line will be stout with Slater hopefully 🙏 (pls NFL gods no injuries💔)

Kevin Moore

I loved that he said “You’ve got the best tackle in the draft”


    We got the #1 pick last season at 6 and I hope we got the best tackle this year at 13

    Sean Juan

    Reminicent of what Tom Brady told Kraft at Patriots training camp.

    Kevin Moore

    @Bolt Bravado Me too, he’s said it multiple times so the fact he has the confidence at LT is a huge boost.

    Kevin Moore

    @azma775 Steal after Steal, Telesco knows what he’s doing. Might have gotten us Trent Williams lite this year 👀

    Kevin Moore

    @Sean Juan Yup I remember that. I coach FB and I love players with high confidence, they are so easy to motivate and so hungry to get better.

Chris B

Oh my goodness. I freaking love this guy. I can’t believe we got this caliber LT without giving up extra picks. Welcome to the team, Rashawn!!!

Alfredo Olvera

Versatility at it’s finest. Can insert this kid anywhere ⚡

Andre Ecija

Rashawn Slater Welcome to the Bolt Family let’s get to work Bolt Up Man Congratulations Again

pedro jimenez

Bolt Up ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Riley Raccoon

This man special. We all feel it 🙏


He can develop & learn so much from Linsley & Bulaga!!! Can’t wait to see him on the field! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Willy Sichkaryk

He seems like a great guy, happy to have him with us 💪🏻


The chargers sure do have a knack of getting down to earth humble dudes to their roster. And when justin Herbert was mentioned you could see him light up with the biggest smile on his face. I just want this season to start already.

    Ry Peru02

    Same bro can’t wait!! Bolt Up🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


The best part is when he says “we’re going to be good” you can tell he know what we got cookin im LA is fire⚡💙💛


Dude is so thoughtful and humble, fits right into the Charger family

Israel Ramos

If we can just stay healthy….sky’s the limit.


“Iron sharpens iron” Mannn i love him already


Pretty dope that he recognized Chris as a former Wildcat

Dannypush Pop

Slater won our LOYALTY when he confidently & calmly said “Iron sharpens Iron” after being asked about how good it is being able to practice against Joey Bosa ⚡⬆️

Brandon Chester

“We’re gonna be so good”… Yes we are Rashawn… yes we are. 🤓😏

Buddha Boutta BENJI

“Iron Sharpens Iron”,
“You’ve Got The Best Tackle In The Draft”,
“We’re Going To Be So Good”,

Excuse My Language, But…

Johnny De Jesus


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