Rashawn Slater Gets the Draft Call from the Chargers | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
LOB WorldWide

Bolt Up Baby let’s go ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Nicholas Bottazzi

Big W can’t wait to see this guy play

Franko 700

You can tell in his eyes he has such a big heart and is going to give the Chargers his all! Cant wait to see him protect Herbie! #BoltUp ⚡️🙏🏼

Edward Thegreat1

He won’t let us down, damn im happy

Tyrese Haliburton



Love how down to earth Staley is. Awesome guy


    Staley cares about people and makes people their best.
    Amazing coach!

Fresh Hawaii

I love how he said so confidently, “I gotchu.”

    Johnny De Jesus

    Yuup, i noticed as soon as Brandon said we want to be a line of scrimmage team, Rashawn’s expression subtly changed to a motivated expression and he confidently said “I GOTCHU” Loved that. Hope he can stay healthy and ball out protecting Herbo and helping out on the runs


Seems to be a humble respectful young man. Welcome to the Charger Nation BOLT

Al J.

Goosebumps 🤩

Sonny D.

This makes me so happy!! The way he said “I Gotchu” he said it with pure confidence. Let’s go make this SB run man!!

Joey Isip

He’s a good kid. Gonna have a long career as our franchise Left Tackle!

Grant Moore

One dislike? Must be a Raiders fan jealous since we got Slater and they are stuck with Leatherwood😂

    Kold Truth

    Omg im dead 😆

    Lil Dyl

    I’m taking bets on who the raiders reach on tomarrow hahaha I’m going with Anthony Schwartz lol

    5 Star General

    Lmao 😂

    N H

    Or someone with the pipedream of Pitts sliding to 13. Scoff.

    Darion Allen


Tom Standring

love RS and especially love coach saying WE ARE GOING TO BECOME A LINE OF SCRIMMAGE TEAM. Finally jeez breath of fresh air.

    Kold Truth

    Thank you…fr

    KSmith Gaming

    I raised my eyebrows when I heard that hahaha

    dee ward

    Lynn wanted us to be like that but him and telsco were fucking up by not addressing the line in order to do that in the first place and not to mention Lynn was terrible at coaching. Him and all his offensive coordinators in his time with us played way to conservative,scared, and just shitty play calling that was so obvious that I could call them out before the ball was hiked so that tells you how easy it was for opposing defenses. I’m happy that this new coach wants to continue that and now has the pieces in place to actually execute a winning formula for us to actually win games that we’re supposed to win and I can’t wait to see him do it. He’s also defensive minded coach so that defense is doing to be a lot more disciplined and completely different than what we have seen in previous seasons. I believe we are switching from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4. Things are going to be way different and that what we need.

Legend_ 21

Welcome to the family mr. Slater!!! It’s only one way from here and that’s up my friend📈 #BoltUp🙏🏾⚡💙

Old Skool

Best line by coach “we want to become a line of scrimmage team”. I like this guy 👊

David Farias Bolado

Perfect player for this team, he looks honestly excited and confident. In the other interview he said he will make sure we know they drafted the best tackle in the draft.

Dannypush Pop

Those couple people who disliked this, wanted us to pick Isaiah Simmons over Justin Herbert 🤣⚡⬆️


    Drop the mic


Gonna be our franchise LT can’t wait to watch you kid. Protect Herbert

Lyman Ellsworth

An excellent pick, the Chargers with a young talented left tackle and a mobile quarterback, sweet.


I personally love how Staley told him to thank everyone that got him here. Sign of a great leader. I think we are gonna be good with Staley for a while.

    Dillon H

    I noticed that too. Thats good leadership

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