Rashard Higgins’ Importance & Week 6 Injury Updates | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rashard Higgins’ Importance & Week 6 Injury Updates | Cleveland Browns

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens addressed the media on October 11, 2019. Freddie discusses the Friday injury report, how having a guy like Rashard Higgins can impact the offense and how the team practiced this week to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks.

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doocieonu Reply

LAMAR JACKSON > baby baker bust mayfield


    who beat lamar the browns


    running back

    Anthony Leibold Reply

    Go home Harbaugh

    Bob Joe Reply

    doocieonu Lamar is a white name he needs to change his name to Mayfield

Karl Haertling Reply

Mary Kay, that is the dumbest damned question I have ever heard. You know what the Browns need before a big game? Dissent in the locker room. You are by far the worst reporter I have ever seen.

    Ritwik Grover Reply

    Haha this is like the comment I just made above…best not to tell them anything. We all know what their “job” is and that they’re looking to do

    Jack Gauthier Reply

    @Chris FZ-09 I do…Hard working and polite, more than I can say for you. Have a little respect!

    Evan Crissinger Reply

    She gives great helmet!

Jesse Tumpak Reply

We’ve heard that before.. Quit talking and show it by actually having the guy’s prepared COACH

Ritwik Grover Reply

I don’t know how Kitchens will turn out as a coach (I think it will be good) – but I do like that he’s developing a knack for not really telling the media anything about anything. Very Belichekian and as annoying as it is to listen to as a fan, it’s the right thing to do as the media is just looking to start a problem with the team inside and outside of the locker room.

    Theresa Deleon Reply

    Belichekian: a knack for not really telling the media anything about anything. Love it. Go Browns!

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

    Robert Price No, just common sense. Such as is with coaching….you either GOT it or you DON’T, kiddo. Good talk, bub’.

Bob Joe Reply

Freddy looks questionable

    Jack Gauthier Reply

    you sound ignorant.

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

    Jack Gauthier What if I told you that smart people lurking in here think you’re an imbecile ?

john Doe Reply

that Avery thing dont sound right

    Dawg#4Life B Reply

    He needs to be on the field!

mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

Yeah he needs to go. Get him out of here.

Belgusto Reply

Again with the smile!! $$

skpmd4186 Reply

sadly, how well your week of practice goes isn’t indicative of success on Sundays…..

Dawg#4Life B Reply

I’m Sorry but I like this guy!! I mean he’s a rookie Coach with a very young team. People thought before the Season that we’d be in the Super Bowl and win 12 plus games. The NFL is not easy. It’s not like we were gonna come out and blow every other team away. It takes time to build a great team and we’re Gonna get there!!

    Dawg#4Life B Reply

    I knew before the Season started that we lack players and depth in a few areas. Our Offensive line is weak, our LBs are not proven and can’t tackle or cover really. We have had only 2 WRs for the most part because of injuries as well as the secondary. I think we’re Gonna be fine, but we do need to run some more power football!! Where’s Orsen Charles or any fb really???

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

    Doesn’t matter if you ‘like him’, stranger …. What matters is that he cant even get the little things right, never will, and even if he eventually did, which he won’t–we don’t have forever, or time at all; our stars won’t want to be here much longer – Jarvis was as emphatic as possible when he said it is high time to get it together, “Right NOW”, he said… Look, this ISN’T ” how to become a head coach 101 ” …This Is The M*therf***ing N. F. L. ❗️❗️❗️

Bobby Mechling Reply

All of you saying he needs to go…we are SIX games in the season….we are SIX games in…maybe we need to calm down. Let them do their job…great teams aren’t built overnight. Like everyone expected it to happen…this ain’t Madden.

    jaidenxk Forbes Reply

    Its actually 5 lol

    Ed Reply

    I bet most people think the same as you and me, it’s just the (yt) commenters that are overreacting in both directions because they can’t wait and want to predict everything ahead..

    right kids?

    Cody Ross Reply

    I agree. However, if he continues to call the EXACT SAME run EVERY FIRST DOWN….then can him. So tired of watching him call the same play every first down. Every defense can see it a mile away.

    Ed Reply

    ​@Cody Ross I agree on that, he needs to improve, also what was that overconfident giving-the-offense-the-ball first? Still people are wayy too fast in judging, jumping from “fire him” to “bless him” and back

philsalvage Reply

Move on from this mistake. Nice guy but not qualified for the position. Sick of his coddling and his idiotic game day decisions and play calling and the utter lacj of team preparation and mental toughness.

    Jack Gauthier Reply

    yes he is or he wouldn’t have the position.

Jack Gauthier Reply

Last week when we killed Baltimore he was great…this week not so much, fair weather so called fans. What will you say if we beat Seattle???

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

    For the last time….1. Balt is not good 2. They beat themselves with emormous, costly mistakes 3. Chubb had a career game and our backups on defense played out of their minds … – The offense besides the run game still looked bad, out of sync, and we still couldn’t get OBJ the ball. Make excuses for this idiot if you want to, but denial is just another word for CONFUSED.

Evan Crissinger Reply

Freddie seems very very snappy and agitated. Sorry, but I don’t see him lasting. Consider my expectations SUBVERTED!

Robert Janko Reply

Rookie coach, sopphomore QB, Its usual to have that ups and downs. Did you really expect them to win the SB?! They have the chance to win the division and thats really great. Learning takes time. There is no mobile to check wikipedia for the next move!

rationalguy Reply

Mary Kay is a detriment to this team….I wonder if she knows that or if she cares?

    insite Reply

    Funny how Mary Kay called EVERYTHING in preseason that shouldve been red flagged as an issue and FIXED BEFORE the season started: 1) O-Line, 2) lack of chemistry between Baker/OBJ and generally just first team and 3) Baker’s writing checks the rest of the team has to and can’t cash with his non-stop ego/bragging and dissing other people and it becoming bulletin board fodder to get the opponents fired up, which it has. Instead of looking at themselves, the coaches and players just treated her questions with disdain, just like you are. Turns out she was 100% right. Nuf said.

Peter Mikita Reply

Where is the GM in all of this? Kitchens is in over his head and still calling plays. Even players are starting to grumble about it. And what about the elephant in the room? The O line everybody forgot about? It’s not all about OBJ all the time. Mayfield is getting his lunch now this year. Why? What happened since last year? Sad state of affairs already with no changes in sight.

mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE Reply

I see the damage control puppets have come out all at once lol hmmmm. So phony….what’re you being paid to put on that lame persona? It’s obvious and dull. Do better.

Peter Carlvi Reply

Wouldn’t it be better to hand in written questions so he could select, let’s say the 20 best ones and give us lengthy interesting answers than just delivering short answers to in many cases dumb questions?

VLaD Anto Reply

Rooting for Freddy … but man they need to fix this offense. Baker looks like a different guy … no longer has that swagger … OLine getting annihilated everyweek. Play calling has been garbage .. not feeding Chub. Still can’t believe he ran a draw on 4 & 9 lol

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