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carlos edwards

Bruh……if we gon do it like this every week we should a just kept case keenum and Vance Joseph…I’m done.

    J T

    Nothing will change until Elway is gone.

    DeadOnly 21

    carlos edwards bro just be a fan of a different team Ik it hurts to lose 4 games but if you can’t be a fan of a team that’s going through a hard time right now then don’t be it

    carlos edwards

    @DeadOnly 21 bro I’m not a fan Im a fanatic been broncogang since 1985 this ain’t a tough time bad coaching and bad play for the past 3 years this is not excteptable for this organization hands down.

    Darville Leonard

    @J T yes agree 100%

    Donald Netanyahu

    @carlos edwards I feel you bro. I also understand why you said what you said. I’ve also been a fan since ’86. These overly optimistic “fans” seem like they are rooting for the Lions, Chiefs or Dolphins. Real Bronco fans should be extremely frustrated, not content.

Derrick Mason

I keep telling yal week after week the play calling is to conservative Flacco’s numbers don’t reflect the conservative play calling

    alejandro barrera

    Derrick Mason because no have team to call another type of calls. Team sucks

Jeff Wingham

Elway needs to go as well as the incompetent morons around him.




Fire Elway. His incompetence in the draft the past 5 years is costing this organization right now.


    J T, I can’t wait for that day. This is why the Bowlen family is fighting for ownership.


    It’s a sad conclusion to reach, I love elway but it’s true. Him and his scouting team are utterly incompetent as you say. Paxton lynch, Shane ray, the entire 2017 draft class gone, except bolles ..who soon will be. Completely clueless what a real quarterback is..I’ve held out long as possible…bring in the fat lady..stick a fork …its over.


I just hate going to work tomorrow , to hear everyone talking about they’re team won . And talking trash about Denver Broncos 🐴 🏈 #DenverWeNeedToWin !!!!!!!!

    Antjuan Moore



    Its getting old. ..that’s 8 losses in a row from last year too…when I go work now I have to put on headphones crank my phone up full blast , wear dark sunglasses and just walk by and mentally fool myself to ignore everyone as if they’re actually not there.
    that’s the only way I can cope.
    Sad….really sad.


    Queen Mary, dont feel bad we all going through this together keep your head up it’s just part of the game. Just let them know win loose we Broncos 4 life!

    James Medina

    Just stay by me Queen 🌹

    Christopher Do44

    Mary, I Feel you. Mondays use to be trash talking days at work. Now this…….

Gunner 21

It wasn’t the play that caused us to lose the game (BUT) … The Second Roughing The Passer Penalty !! (in the last min of the game) each yard is crucial enough, NFL is starting to SUCK!!

    Klaus Klaus

    Taco Clan in my opinion, and i watched the play like 20 times and different speed lvl, Miller never slapped him in the face and Miller didnt jumped in the knees. For me that not a RTP

    Taco Clan

    Klaus Klaus idk I’m not gonna argue but they made the call. There’s been bad calls on the jaguars and other teams. It’s just one of those things.

    Taco Clan

    Klaus Klaus like when y’all got away with an illegal player downfield and the jags got called on it.

    Klaus Klaus

    Taco Clan or the holing on chubb that was not called on the td?

    Taco Clan

    Klaus Klaus or the bad holding call on Cam Robinson

Mike Taylor

They did it it was amazing how Denver was able to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. The coaching is horrible. Same stupid week after week. Love that stupid prevent defense because all it prevents is winning.

ian isaac

Another game that we should have won. The tackling was atrocious.


It time for the broncos to negotiate with players and bring back players that will help them win such Brandon Marshall who wanted to come back to play this loosing streak is getting tiring and this team needs some depth and Brandon Marshall or CJ Anderson would definitely bring something different that the broncos are definitely missing.


    Brandon Marshall’s play was trailing off near the end of his tenure here in Denver. CJ Anderson isn’t going to fix anything.

    z06guy 03

    @sideswipeDJ yall need to sign Dez Bryant. He’ll get yall wins


Go back to the drawing board about tackling technique? — What is this Pop Warner League?


    lmao. Its like this every year too. Idk why we’re so mediocre when it comes to just tackling and wrapping up. Unreal. Got to wonder if the players are just lazy at this point.

alejandro barrera

0-4 please have respect for the franchaise. Five years of crap and this season totally suck.

Pete Harris

Elway has to go. $105 million dollars not on the field today think about that. Think about how many guys he’s paid and busted on then think about all the bad draft picks he’s had. The guy needs to put down the whiskey and leave with Joe Ellis.

    Lorin Lewis

    Unfortunately I agree. No probowl draft picks since 2011! Elway brought in Manning…and other guys wanted to come to Denver because of that. Now…no good free agent would come to Denver. Elway has proved that he can’t find talent in free agency or draft picks. As long as he stays this team will be Garbage


225 yards really smh I’m beyond disappointed

Israel Masimer

We going for 1st round draft picks whooohooo


NOT Elway’s fault. We have good players, but they are young and need experience. We are not the dolphins. The games we play are close. The team needs time to gel and play with each other. I still believe we have a great future!


    Idk man


    I completely agree. He has killed it these past two drafts. The bears game as well as this one came down to the wire and just didn’t go our way. It had nothing to do with Fangio as a coach. If we were 2-2 with the exact same team people wouldn’t be freaking out like they are

    Wanagi Zuya

    Close games lost is a coaching problem..getting blown out is a talent problem

    Lorin Lewis

    We have good players? No probowl players drafted since 2011!! This roster is total garbage. Harris playing terrible…von playing terrible. D-line worst in football…o-line worst in football. Secondary full of holes….linebackers are slow and give up huge runs. According to fantasy stats…flacco is ranked 30th and is not owned in most leagues. Bridgewater…Allen…minshew…brisett…and Rudolph are all ranked higher than statue flacco. This Denver Broncos roster is the worst I have ever seen…been a fan since 86.

ray ray

Offense line looks solid af , dawson our back up SS got bombed on, our DT was alway bad , we always needed good DT, we should of ran the ball more we improved alot

Christopher Do44

Steve Atwater would have taken Off Fornettes Head on Play # 1. Steve Atwater would have Annihilated D.J. Chark and Lee in the first quarter. We need Tacklers


    He would have got flagged for it in todays league too lol. Gotta be soft to play this game now apparently

    Brenton Burbank

    You can’t play like that now


The Broncos need to upgrade their defensive line. They got beat bad on every running play. The secondary looks bad.

Lorin Lewis

2-14…the only thing to look forward to Lock coming off the bench. D-line worst in football. O-line worst in football. Glaring holes in the secondary… linebackers…. QB…total crap Heep roster. I would keep 5 players and start over. 46 other guys are garbage.

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