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Anthony Gillespie

Bruh I just watched Barry Sanders top 50 most insane plays

    BB Clover 2010

    transparent44 huh


    @BB Clover 2010 I gotem at number 2 under brady?

    Anthony Gillespie

    transparent44 bro you make no sense


    @Anthony Gillespie
    but who is not top5?

    Anthony Gillespie

    transparent44 you’re just not speaking English

Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

Moss is the definition of scary. He and Brady were unstoppable.


    @Turhan Henderson lmao. Get your head checked! No one in the world agrees with you

    Turhan Henderson

    @EARTH at least 7 do lol. It’s true. He beat the GOAT both times. No one else can day that.

    Tropic Mix

    @BeastMode 21 he most definitely still is. I guess it doesnt matter if your O Line cant block?


    @Turhan Henderson he? The defense held the pats to 14 and 17 points. Almost anyone beats the pats when they only score that much, he’s not special and still needed an extreme amount of luck and refs not calling obvious holding. Everybody knows the front four was the difference maker. I mean hell Sanchez beat the pats in the playoffs with a great running game and defense that held the pats to 14 too, u gonna sing praises about him now? I guess Joe flacco is amazing too with his great defense and running game that beat the pats

Emperor Palpatine

It’s hard to believe he was a part of the 2013 49ers super bowl squad

    American Sports Fan

    C.L. Cowart

    Nathan Peterman had half as many wins in 2017 then Kaep in 2016. Kaep played 3/4 of the season. Peterman started like 2 games. Yeah Sackorpick is trash. He also didn’t get 3K yards and causes lockerroom drama


    Fatboy J Should’ve got one in ‘98

    C.L. Cowart

    American Sports Fan I’ll give you that and I could still care less. I watched NP throw 5 picks in one half. Five! Lol. He has a job as a professional quarterback today and Kap doesn’t. His exile can’t possibly be ONLY performance based. Cmon lol

Teal Town

Best receiver ever

Jakes Football stuff

I still can’t believe that the 98 Vikings never won a super bowl

    Julie Galvin

    Redmorgan75 we underperformed like hell


    Jakes Football stuff Gary Anderson haunts my dreams.

    Vikram Bansal

    Vikings gonna viking

    Julie Galvin

    Natearl13 wasn’t that the 99 season


    Julie Galvin No

LaStewie Ball

My Girlfriend: I’m leaving you

Me: 0:36

Potato Salad

Bruh Moss is on all of these, that’s how you know he’s good

    Julie Galvin

    Potato Salad lol


    Potato Salad no man. That is Jerry Rice

    Mr Beast

    @Mario sigh.

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

The most physically gifted receiver ever 💯

    James McCarthyNH

    @Too Easy so sorry. I will educate myself on that..physically gifted? Hmm guess he wasnt gifted at all…just got lucky putting those numbers up.

    Too Easy

    James McCarthyNH Lol If u think Rice is more gifted then those 3 names I mentioned you must of ben dropped on your head as a baby. Those combine numbers alone should tell u but I guess you blind too lol

    James McCarthyNH

    @Too Easy never said he was “more” gifted, BUT Rice was gifted enough to put up numbers like that huh? Rice deserves to be in the same conversation as he earned it. I love Moss and think he has the best hands to EVER play the game. Probably the “most” or close to most gifted, but Rice is in that league and if you say he isnt, you dont know football. I loved that Brady got to play with him…BUT dont insult anyone who is a fan by saying he made Brady the GOAT. As I stated, you take Moss away like he never existed and Brady still has 6 rings, that is a fact that can not be disputed.

    BB Clover 2010

    James McCarthyNH gifted in what? he just had one of the best work ethics ever he wasn’t physically gifted

    James McCarthyNH

    @BB Clover 2010 TO was more gifted than Rice as far as size and speed. Is he better? The great players have one of two things and some have combinations of both. They are insane at working out and working hard at their craft. or they have insane athletic ability and have hands like Moss or speed like Sanders. Deion not Barry. Rice was gifted with hands, speed and strength. How many times did you see someone take a ball from his hands? or run him down? he may not be the most gifted, but he had gifts and natural athletic ability. You are correct about his work ethic, Brady has that same work ethic with no athletic ability. its subjective..nobody wins this argument. I just say I was lucky to see them all play in their prime

D 17

It’s a shame Brady didn’t have him for longer

    Chris Robinson

    @thanksfernuthin Nah, clearly the super bowl would be up for grabs everytime, but the journey there I’d bet more often than not would end 17-1 or 18-0… If “close my eyes” Eli can win a bowl, I’m not gonna jinx myself even hypothetically. Haha

    Chris Robinson

    @Ice J Yeah…it was just money. He ended with 3 1200+ yard seasons with NE. And had 19TDs I think that last year?…


    @Ice J the pats let Moss go because they didn’t want to pay him as his contract was expiring.

    They also implemented gronk and Hernandez into the game plan more thus decreasing moss role in the offense.

    Hernandez and Gronk were on rookie contracts. Moss was making a lot of money, but they were not going to pay a wr over 32 years old.

    It was business why they got rid of moss

    Ice J

    Chris Robinson well yeah, he didnt want to budge, and new england is type of a team where no one is comfortable or untouchable

    Chris Robinson

    @Ice J Yeah, hindsight and everything…but the money they squared out for Hernandez, Tate and Branch (really bring him back in?…) could have gone to Moss for at least 3 more years. I think he had a great 3 years left. Moss slower is still a top 10 receiver in the league on hands alone.

Alberto Esperanza

Tom Brady and Randy Moss was a cheat code, it is a crime that team didnt win the Superbowl

    Sway Vee6

    Stanley Rodgers that clip is from 11 years ago lol what are you trying to prove? pats won 3 more chips and gmen struggle to get past the wild card round

    Kryptic Gamer

    Alberto Esperanza it didn’t really matter who was throwing to Moss he would still make the play even if it was a shitty qb


    @cut Brady absolutely loved Moss. It is possible that they didn’t use him because they didn’t want him getting the credit.

    Who knows. I just know the giants didn’t give Brady anytime to get a pass over longer then 15 yds that game.

    Jovan Flores

    The giants D-Line was scary that year…I had so much faith brady and the pats would pull it out especially after seeing them go 18-0 😂 TILL THIS DAY (wilder voice) it still hurts thinking about that game honestly


Say it with me, You got MOSSED!


    @Anthony Gillespie Yeah you kinda need a career to be considered the greatest.

    Anthony Gillespie

    Redmorgan75 it wasn’t his choice to stop playing, his life got cut short… he was on pace to be the greatest and is considered one of the greatest


    I meant no disrespect, but even career accomplishments aside, I think those safties had better play on the field.

    Anthony Gillespie

    Redmorgan75 I don’t know man, he was a big play maker and everyone loved him. He had great potential but never got to show it all


    @Anthony Gillespie I agree, and he even could be better than Tatum cause Tatum played with a top 5 all time CB. So yeah, with how high his potential was he could’ve been NO. 1 but, it’s all hypothetical.


I remember when I was young our entire football team got in trouble because all we did were 1 handed catches lol

Troy Stephens

It’s a shame he never got a superbowl ring

Ciaran Barr

You know you a badass when you’re able to “Moss” Sean Taylor: 2:03

    K S

    Sean Taylor was overrated

Brian Mcminn

Dante Culpepper would have about 50 more career interceptions if it wasnt for Moss saving him with his insane grabs


    I would go as far as to say Dante culpepper would not have been a starter for as long as he was if it wasn’t for Moss


    @capmarvel22 Culpepper had a cannon, but that’s it.

    If you watched him actually play and not his highlights he was a avg qb. I’d take Jay Cutler over him


    @MikeBNumba6 I don’t know about Jay Cutler but agree 100 percent that there was nothing special about him he was very fortunate to be paired with Randy Moss

    Geoff Hart

    @capmarvel22 I’m a vikings fan, and you could say any QB would be very fortunate to be paired with Moss (and Chris Carter). But Dante had one of his best seasons when Moss was hurt (and Carter was retired). In 2004 Culpepper threw for 4700+, 400+ yds rushing, 39TD and had a 110.0 rating (he should have been MVP that year, but there was a guy named Manning who also played pretty well). That was Moss’s last year with us, only 49 catches for 767 yatds (he did have 13TDs though, in only 13 games). Culpepper was a very accurate passer, very fast, and *big* (he would have made a great linebacker). But after he hurt his knee, he was never the same.


    @Geoff Hart he had 3 good seasons just 3 2000,2003,2004. Other then those 3 years he was mediocre at best


And that is why, all you too young folks out there, it’s called “You got Mossed”

Arnold Loves Soda

Like seriously, what do you do when you can triple team him and he still makes the catch. Geez!

Dimitri Kerby

Before I even watch this I know the number 1 spot is his catch on revis

    James McCarthyNH

    100% right..I kind of knew that would be it too! although if you watch it, he has piles of catches that good or better, just not against Revis.


Can you throw a deep ball?

Moss: I’ll be open, throw it!!

LethalDog 53

Shame he never won a Super Bowl considering he was on 2 of the greatest teams in NFL history (98 Vikings 07 Patriots)


    Both of those teams had the most unluckiest losses too. I know viking fans are still mad about that 98 season.

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