Randall Cobb On His Comfort Level With The Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Interpol Individuals

Can we keep Randall Cobb for a long term deal ?

    Chop Chop

    Interpol Individuals we gotta see him play with the team first man! He’s gotta earn the star before we put him on a long term contract bro!


    Interpol Individuals I hope so

Chop Chop

Going to be so weird to see him in a Cowboys Jersey! Lol hopefully he goes for like 9-150-3 stat line and a W when we play against the packers!

    Jarod Allred

    LOL no doubt!! We sure in the he’ll seen him do it enough against us


I’m not a hater. I hope randall cobb does well but when the pack lets players go they dont tend to shine elsewhere. I’d take numbers like jordy nelson had 63 receptions 739 yards 3 tds but that was a down year for jordy.

    Kevin Payne

    Team and scheme

Kevin Payne

I still cant believe we got Cobb…

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