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Jesus is beast 77


Justin D

What a pick up! Light year ahead of Cole.


    way better than cole , lucky we picked him up , needed a vet receiver to set the tone aside of cooper

    hill monica

    Ill stick with cole. Dum to let him go. Cobb aint proved a thing yet

Robert Garcia

5 TDs on 5 consecutive drives. LETS GO BABY!!

Cowboys Nation TV DC4L

Positive vibes

Keyz And O's

I hope he isn’t a “One and done”, hope he gets a contract that he will be perfect enough for him to stay. Love the triple threat at WR. Loved what Beasley did as a person and as a teammate, but he has nothing on this Man in terms of game. Brilliant accusation this off-season and it showed right away in game#1.

    Kaptain KoRn

    I’m sure after this season Jerry will give him a contract extension

    Randy Lahey

    Yeah if he puts in work all season theres no way we dont keep him

    j reid

    I see a 2year extension

    Keyz And O's

    @j reid I sure hope so, hope he doesn’t get greedy and say I’m gone.


    If he can do it he will earn a big bag

Jon House

So glad we got Cobb,such a smart player. Let’s go Cowboys 💪👊

Jared Grimes

He’s got that speed that that can take the top off the defense. Unlike Beasley.

Ahmed Chaibi

Randall The COBBER

Trip Aces

Cobb is one of my top players, speed, hands, route running, intelligent concept guy… Anybody who saw Cobb with Rodgers knows the immense value Cobb demands from defenses… At 28.. Cobb is in his 4 year prime .. sign him Jerry.. Outside Edelman, Cobb is right at the top of the list

    Josef dubowsky

    Yea would love to resign him

Kalel311 superman

the cowboys have weapons

Garrett Feathers

Green bay misses you Cobb!

Darkworld 1006

And the Packers let this guy walk

    Kenneth Harrison

    Thank you Packers

    Darkworld 1006

    @Kenneth Harrison I know right

Alex Rodrigues

Cobb doesn’t strike me as a Cowboys for the rest of his career, he may be looking to get good pay day after this Football season

Cephas Brown

Cobb is gonna be resigning and will be the leader of the WR core.

    Eric Hill

    I hate to say this but you are right people will see in time Randall Cobb is very dangerous I was very shocked Green Bay let this guy go


Easier said than done Randall 😉


Man, I bet Aaron Rodgers miss this guy.
You can ball young man.
Keep it up.

Real Talk.

Kerry Thompson

Can’t wait to see WR Cobb Against his former team 10/6/19 Hope he stay healthy before than.

Dorwin Gonzalez

Randall Cobbs. Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys. You are the Best of the Best. We LOVE You Randall Cobbs

Jovan Brooks

The Green Eyed Bandit….Cobb the best free agent acquisition!

Whip Tech

Cobb was such a great acquisition. Intelligence, passion and experience. Not to mention the toughness. Better be ready for that sneaky good stiff arm!

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