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Christian 210

Zeke don’t care bout super bowl

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Shaka X You must be a moron, Jerry has already signed him, dippy! LOL

    Hope Ligon

    Eric Draven I get what you are saying and all I’m saying we only know what is reported about him and don’t know what Dallas knows and may have covered for him. Jerry has had to do that for star players in the past who had tendencies to get into stuff. It’s the things we don’t know that’s giving them a moment of pause. They signed Alfred Morris so the team is preparing for him not being there

    Hope Ligon

    Eric Draven I agree he knows what is like to lose game checks

    Vampire Prince

    Martin N who I don’t know those two so they ain’t worth it zeke is better so end of discussion

    Mario Hernandez

    Y’all don’t understand zeke if he was promised to be payed once his 2 years are over and then we know that if he wait once those two years are over we know they will Franchise tag him twice and then be done with him

Martin N

800 yard season incoming

Nader Itayem

I’m with you Randall, but we can’t do it without Zeke

    Hope Ligon

    Nader Itayem It can be done through having serviceable backs available. Running game brings balance. The Rams has that in CJ Anderson. It can be done

    Nader Itayem

    Hope Ligon that’s true, I see what you’re saying. When it’s all said and done I hope we just get a deal done with Zeke. Or maybe he’ll report to camp after seeing how serious Jerry is about not needing him after signing Morris

    Hope Ligon

    Nader Itayem That would be great if he would have came to camp. The part that concerns me is the advice he is getting from
    his agent. Hopefully he is not overplaying his hand. I think if he played out 1 Year of his contract and hopefully not have anymore issues I believe Dallas would pay him what he wants. I was listening to one of the senior writers say that no one in the building thought he would not show up to training camp 😳

    Nader Itayem

    Hope Ligon you spit facts Hope, I like it lol. You’re right though, I guess we’ll see what happens

    Shenanigans Nuts

    You’re dead wrong.

Daniel Bray

Dam idk why I thought Cobb had a ring

    Joshua Holley

    First Name Last Name yeah a year later

    Syncere Dufont

    Thought he had one 2.. With greenbay

    Joshua Holley

    Syncere Dufont nah


You came to the right place Mr. Cobb!

    richard Pryor


    Jerome Moore Jr

    24 years still waiting. Last time we were a beast in the playoffs I was 6. Im 29 fit to be 30 in a month.

    Gee Bee

    Nikki the house wife

Dividend Income

It’s truly a blessing to have him on the team. Hopefully everyone understands all the intangibles of this

kev m

What you expect the players to say I’m only here for some money?? Lol


    Yes. Thats elliott


Cobb’s eyes are cool AF 💙

First Name Last Name

This is our year has to be bro sooo much talent on both sides if we don’t win it this year we screwed after we have to pay Dak and Coop and Zeke

    Collin McKinney

    Nah cause if we don’t win it this year the Carrot-top Clapper will be gone.

    Jose Arellano

    Collin McKinney oh you mean the male cowboys cheerleader 😆

Gary Flores

Your here cuz Beasley is gone….

    Epik1ne 88TX

    & an upgrade to what Beasley provided he’s bigger, faster & can play all receiver positions (X,Y & Z). He’s here for all the right reasons & can only contribute to an already trending up successful team & I’m glad he’s meshing the right way with the offense

    Juan Guerra

    He better den Beasley 🤦🏻‍♂️

Pinky P


sleep depp vegas

Does he have cataracts?

    Mr. Dunn


    sleep depp vegas

    @Mr. Dunn his eyes look wild. Guess I just needed to Google a pic of Cobb to see he’s got colored eyes

    Eric Starnes

    He has blue-gray eyes. Always has. Very cool and rare on a black dude.


    color eye natural His

Raymundo Velez

Lets Go! Fucken right go get your ring!

Jackie Smith

Randall is such a Professional !! Nice Job Cowboys!!

    JK’s Outdoor Journal

    Jackie Smith can’t agree more.

Janita Quinn

Your on the wrong team for that. These is all about Jerry world. Not Super bowls.

JK’s Outdoor Journal

Love it. Receiving core is going to be solid. Cobb seems like a class act. Welcome to Dallas.


Finally a player who actually says the words, “I want a ring!”

    kev m

    Which player doesn’t??

George Hillary

I just hope Cobb realises that we are a physical team in a physical division. No one gives anything. It takes “moxie” to wear the star.

Mike from Maryland

Dallas, 2019, 11-5. End result, Super Bowl 🏟

PaulRodrigues Rodrigues

I have liked this guy since he was drafted by GB!!! GLAD WE GOT HIM!!! *WELCOME RANDALL COBB!!!!!!

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