Randall Cobb: A Dose of What We Could Do | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mario Gomez

The way Cobb beat that defender for the first?! Crazy

    Zan Boyer

    Ikr! Its crazy how most ppl said that this guy was barely or a bit better then Beasley😂 how bout ALOT BETTER!


    Cobb is an underrated receiver. I was ecstatic when we signed him!

    Dividend Income

    Beasley who?

Cedric Jones

Dak was dealing today

    Hemyarite Kingdom

    The dak attack

    A7 Nightmare

    @ΜΛVΞЯICK throwing like that aginst any NFL team proves alot. SO shut ur mouth unless you know what your talking about

Joel Don Galvan

Great game Cobb ! Really excited to see you do your thing as you always have for GB ! KEEP IT UP SIR !

lasay inchrist


marquese hall

Beasly who???

    Mark Gonzo

    Lost Timing so he didn’t make Laurent Robinson? When romo kept going down dez was not the same and Terrence Williams career went downhill with Cole Beasley…. It not rocket science that everybody numbers went down when romo was not there. Dez was never a get separation guy he was send and he’ll get it type of guy… and you need a good accurate qb for that but you are probably one of those blind Romo hater

    marquese hall

    Mike Artillery who?

    marquese hall

    Lost Timing right! smh these trolls are outta pocket

    marquese hall

    Mark Gonzo I agree I think beasly was gd but he ain’t Cobb prime example on the 3rd down play he literally threw the defender off of him and faught for the 1st down we all kno beasly catches the ball and he down after that

Mazer Rackham

Aaron Rodgers at home sick

    Randy Lahey

    Lmao he definitely is

    Retro Future 84-

    Mazer Rackham Lmaooo


Clutch in the slot

Saul Tarsus

Our WRs are foreal….Cobb did great….

Luis Escobedo

That stiff arm tho

    D B

    He threw him off. But he does have a mean stiff arm.

Thuro F.A.R.

Why did Green Bay let him go? Health?


    Cobb dealt with a hamstring injury in 2018. If I am not mistaken GB didnt let him go. He was a free agent that the cowboys agreed to sign.

    J JJ

    We stole him! Hes a cowboy now. He aint going back.


    Free agent. Would you rather live in GB or Dallas? Easy answer.

40th Street Black

Dak was out there 🔪🔪🔪🔪 choppin up the giants ALL DAY LONG!


Awesome job Randall Cobb! Those eyes though…


    They still shine green from them Packer days but they finna turn blue ! 💪🏽

    Tray Ross

    @RC fat L

Michael Stanley

Cobb was awesome in his Cowboys debut. I can’t wait until week 5 vs Green Bay. Dak was perfect. 158.3


After that 🔥🔥🔥 performance yesterday, I’m in love.😍 Cobb is for real on the field.

Jenell Quinton

I knew he was gonna kill it !!!! That’s all he did for GB !!!! I’m Soo happy to see u Playing for Cowboy Nation I Could Scream🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💙💙😍😍💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️


I love his game, but I just also love his attitude , he absolutely is our kindve guy personality wise


    Gary That’s a Garrett special right there. An RKG

Henry Hill

Talk about a real upgrade over Beasley. Cobb a true slot receiver!!!!

    Creepy Closet

    Beasley was good but was never a deep threat

    Henry Hill

    @Creepy Closet that’s what I’m really trying to say .

    Jay Lucien

    Beasley who???


That stiff arm was absolutely nasty. Threw that defender away like “Out of my way little kid, a got a 1st to pickup.”

    Zeppelin Fan

    I thought THAT play when he made the first down after his stiff arm fired up the team to an even higher level. You knew right then, we were not going to lose. That would not of been a first down with Beasley

Jason Armenta

Randell Cobb welcome to Dallas Cowboyz!! You are official

Isaias Mendoza

Love Beasley but man Cobb is my man. Straight up beast

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