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Preston Murphy Reply

Let’s go Rams Clay Matthews Eric Weddle were nice additions to our Team

    Patrick Samples Reply

    Clay Matthews a monster. Eric weddle trash though.

    Slippah Rippah Reply

    Plus behind the best defensive coordinators of all time Wade Phillips w/ Donald, Fowler, Talib…! They think our defense last year was tough, watch this year. #RamsNation

    Josh Romero-Burgan Reply

    Okoronkwo needs more time . That dude is a tank on the edge . #45

    holstfly1 Reply

    Obo will definitely be a starter

Kaidyn Greene Reply

I’m a cheifs fan but I love what both of these teams are doing. Btw you scrolling through the comments have a good day

    Stan ezen Reply

    You too dog (even though it’s night over here lol)

    Apex Monarch Reply

    Yeah bro have a good night

    Slippah Rippah Reply

    Such positive vibes. Passing it around! Have a blessed day ✌🏽

Clash Of The Horns Reply

Ogbonnia okoronkwo remember the name that dude is a beast


    Josh Romero-Burgan samson ebukam and clay switching on one edge would be smart


    Josh Romero-Burgan they need to put clay on the other side away from aaron donald……

    Josh Romero-Burgan Reply

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† well Donald lines up on both sides so I’m sure but it makes more sense to put him on the same side. Cant double team both

    Josh Romero-Burgan Reply

    And with Mathews now on the team I doubt ebukam will start. Its gunna be Mathews and Fowler on the edges. Littletion and hager in the middle . Wish Dakota Allen would get the job over hager tho. Better athlete bigger and a better tackler but his coverage skills aren’t as polished

    Josh Romero-Burgan Reply

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† ebukam and okoronkwo will be the rotation guys on the edge unless they play better but I’ve read Gurley say that Fowler has been one of the best in camp so far that hes getting yo the ball as fast as Donald is

Dude Ranch Reply

Awh man, preseason is finally over! It was great seeing the Rams rooks duke it out for the final spot

    C.J. Hill Reply

    Dude Ranch yeah I think Wolford won the QB battle with his performance 2nite.

Ram Ificationz Reply

Let the season begin!!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Still reppin those gold horns 👌

Frederick Hansen Reply

When the Texans gonna learn the coach an staff have to go.

    Medic Sco2375 Reply

    Michael Madden and stab like 40 times

    Chris Collier Reply

    My uneducated impression is that the window has closed for the current coaching staff. Too many bad habits from past several years allowed to take root and grow. We’ll have to see what blooms this season but if it were me on the staff I’d be making friends with a few realtors.

    PickleRix Reply

    The offensive line had gone downhill before Kubiak left but it has only gotten worse since O’Brien has been coach. I’m OK that the Texans didn’t want to pay Duane Brown but these bozos had no back up plan to replace Brown. The Texans should probably fire the offensive line coach but I hear that guy is one of O’Brien’s buddies. The special teams seem to have made progress in the “stupid penalty” department but special teams is giving up points in preseason due to mental errors. Not a good sign for the preseason.

Stan ezen Reply

Texans O-Line on vacation year round 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Candy Cane Network Reply

    Stan ezen I’m a Houstonian by birth and residency however this comment made me laugh 😂

Robert Mccreary Reply

Great win for the Rams now let’s bring on the veteran players I think the rams will get great wins this season cooper kupp is ready for action Todd Gurley will be ready for action clay matthews is ready let’s see what the Rams can do this season let’s see Jared Goff can do for the Rams this season GO RAMS GO RAMS 🤙

Heso Melo Reply

Man I just wanna see the Rams play Panthers already I’m just ready for regular season

    Jonathan Couch Reply


Antonio Martinez Reply

Super Bowl contenders..2020
Mod squad.
Lets do this
Q.vo to all Rams fans.

    Dude Ranch Reply


dnx Reply

Wolford played way better than Allen. Keep him, release Allen

    Mike Coulter Reply

    Get rid of Bortles, keep Allen and Wolford

    holstfly1 Reply

    @Mike Coulter nah Bortles is the only one with legitimate experience with starters. Also he didn’t really show because he played with pure 2nd and 3rd stringers

    meanigrinch Reply

    What we should have done is make bortles look good blow out teams by playing him more and trade him for assests to like the colts or broncos.

Cam Vilar Reply

Webb throws, Announcer: “Nice.”
Interception 😂

    Miguel Castillo Reply

    He actually said it the first time at 1:21 listen carefully lol

    Cam Vilar Reply

    @Miguel Castillo he says nice like 4 times, but the one that cracks me up is the int

    PickleRix Reply

    Webb was getting a little frustrated with the dropped passes.

    Miguel Castillo Reply

    @Cam Vilar Dang, he loves those intcs😂😂😂

Blake Harris Reply

Look at da flick of da wrist

John Vargas Reply

Rams look good with the back up squad..

Antonio Martinez Reply

The los Angeles Coliseum..
To support your rams team..
And boycott thee new Orleans aints
Who’s house..!

encinobalboa Reply

Wolford made some good throws. AAF experience really helped.

bellsboy Reply

My RAMS are ready……James Jones, Skip Bayless, and all you creepy idiotic sports ‘pundits’ go ahead and hate on this team we don’t care but be prepared to eat s**t once the Rams hoist the Lombardi trophy in February.

Reynaldo Venturina Jr Reply

Wolford and Allen playing better than Bortles

TheAboveAverageWar Reply

That first td pass from Wolford tho, that was real nice

Omar Reply

Wolford looking better than bortles

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