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Emperor Palpatine

Nathan Peterman the goat with that amazing run 5:26

    Mr. O

    @Camaro Guy really? Crazy how Brady use to be Nathan Peterman young padawan

    Joshua Johnson

    Camaro Guy Tom Brady is Nathan Peterman, that’s how much of a G.O.A.T Peterman is


    Petermania has begun!

    Jocky Rohnson

    Camaro Guy Wait. I don’t know if it’s just me but wasn’t there a Nathan Peterman that used to play for the Bills? Asking for a friend

    Juscoastin Simple

    As I read ur comment it popped up

Heso Melo

As a Rams fan I got so hyped for Nathan Peterman




    Same man sams

    LuckyZ's Hero

    You got our trash from the bills, Fitz it’s a better qb

    Orignal Name

    LuckyZ’s Hero Nathan peterman is the best qb in the league

Gonzo Bonzo

With Nate starting we can have a perfect season


He is playing in the preseason because it wouldn’t be fair if he played in the regular season.

    Giants Pride

    Lil ta u have a crush on an anime character?

    Michaelfh 570

    Monkì weeb

    Bear Archambault

    @Michaelfh 570 Man, what’s with all the hostility among the “anime sect”?
    Shouldn’t y’all be supporting one another, and all letting your Freak Flags fly together?

    Michaelfh 570

    Bear Archambault you wouldn’t get it cause your not part of that community

    Bear Archambault

    @Michaelfh 570 Ooooo…. I mean, if it’s a custom within the community to take “loving shots” at one another, it’s pretty easy to explain that. It’s not exactly high concept stuff, bro 🙂

Dakota Fuqua

Nathan Peterman 50 yard scramble was the best play of the whole game


    I mean, it was play of the game

    Steven Sullivan

    JJ Nelson’s catch was

Rowan Fernsler

Nathan peterman had a QBR of over 115! Sounds like a goat to me

    Smack Ish

    I think Brandon weeden is the worst qb

    Josh Johnson

    @noneya buizness You said party anymore, as though you were invited to parties when you were younger or something. Not a soul thinks Peterman is a goat, a good player, or should even be in the NFL, he is Terrible. Which is why people make the joke of him being the goat, because he is the greatest ever at being an awful player. If you can’t understand a simple joke, that’s fine, but stop trying to make others stop their joking, simply because you can’t understand sarcasm. Smh


    @Rowan Fernsler The guy who led his team to 2 AFC championship games? Lets talk about Ryan Lindley instead

The Abstract

Can’t get a pick if you don’t throw the ball, Nathan the “GOAT” Peterman is a certified genius.

    Jason Was Here

    Nathan is a bum comingfrom a Bill’s fan.

    Raider AL916

    Jason Was Here the bills should’ve built the team around Peterman. I heard he can kick field goal and return punts, too.

    Robert Jackman

    He did throw

    Robert Jackman

    king83 Peterman was 9/12 for 66 and 56 rushing.
    A WR dropped one of his too


Good to see that Peterman is rubbing off on the other Raiders QB’s, teaching them the special sauce of passing. 😁👍

360 Cam

We got two all time greats with Blake Bortles and Nathan Peterman ✊🏾 what a time be alive 💯😤

    MichaelYM Lankford510

    360 Cam 😂😂😂😂

    Omar Meza


    Leo Ruedas

    It’s the Battle of the 🐐s

    MichaelYM Lankford510

    360 Cam tbh I thought coming out of college Blake was going to be a stud in the NFL he was good at UCF

Chi Ezike

Nathan Peterman won the backup job. That 50 yard dash was amazing 🏈🏈

    Chris Canto

    @Jp Thabeast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If only this was true and he really turned into Tom Brady that would be the parody turn around of all time!!!!


    leofunkhowser33 3rd game is mostly played by the starters, he won’t play much

    Susan Streicher

    As a bills fan peterman got screwed by our team big time. He is good, he just needs a chance. I think gruden can help him get on track. Hope he does good somewhere where he can get a chance to start.


    leofunkhowser33 He’s a preseason/practice god. He’s gonna be your number 2 and you’re gonna have to deal with that. Just hope Carr never goes down.



Keaden Wheeler

My man Nathan Peterman 51 yard run even Brady can’t do that

    L . O . R

    Nathan Peterman won’t be playing long enough to get 1000 rushing yards. 😂 Preseason rushing yards don’t even count as regular season rushing too btw 😭

    Jaquest Jasmin


    Keaden Wheeler

    @Alannah Martin bro learn how to take a joke

    Keaden Wheeler

    @L . O . R yes he will in this year he will


Blake Bortles vs Nathan Peterman
Battle of the 🐐

    Tyler Long

    Boat vs goat

    Mr. knowitall

    SCARAB !!! Dude peterman is a legend

    Mr. knowitall

    Nathan peterman all The way

    SCARAB !!!

    @Mr. knowitall Peterman is an Intercepticon 🤣

    Mr. knowitall

    SCARAB !!! That’s why he’s so good, he knows how to become the game

Tyler Persico

Anyone else come just for the Nathan perterman run?

Owen Raefield

Nathan Peterman 50 yard touchdown.

Looks like Josh Jacobs has some competition

    Jay Emm

    Yo he didnt break the goaline, almost 😂😂

    Eli Manning’s Belly Button

    Forget that trash, he just won the job 🚫🧢

Luke Lee

we all know we’re only watching this to see nate peterman.


    luke wilson yeah ok😂

    Joshua Scott

    @mrbill806 stop making me laugh xD 😂😂😂😂😂

    Joshua Scott

    I’m glad my team won


    @mrbill806 xD


    nope I was wanting to see how clay Matthews played now as a rams player

Jacob Kelley

Nathan peterman was good because he is a Gruden grinder baby

    Fabuloso Travez

    Just sop


    Chiseled Adonis?

    Bryan Escalona

    @Fabuloso Travez learn how to spell fam


    I was going to like this comment but it’s at 69 likes so I’m just gonna leave it

the vault dweller

51 yard rush. Show me when Brady did that, Peterman a real goat out here

    DJ JDB

    @Hendry Abalos: Are you Miss Cleo? lol.

    butter knife 21

    Brady has six rings. I dont think he cares about a 50 yard or more rush 😁


    @butter knife 21imagine not getting the joke 🤡🤡

    Riko Goadlopez

    California State your right peterman should never be compared to Brady because peterman is so much better

krispy_sprite Boy

Since when did penalties become part of highlights🤔


    When raiders got a highlight reel

    Luke McCullough

    A lot of those PI were smart throws by the QB to throw that pass to get a PI

    Conrad Calderon

    I’m fine with the penalties in highlights, so long as they are kept short and to the point.

Jeffrey Torres

Is anybody going to acknowledge how the raiders look better than before

    Alejandro Sandoval

    Jeffrey Torres they definitely have better leadership and receivers this year

    Lakers World

    This shows raiders have depth Rams just have names remember stars don’t always equal championships

    David Simons

    Mystery Man foreal

    Mike Johnson

    Jeffrey Torres 12-4

Bigg B

Nathan Peterman and Blake Bortles have more playoffs snaps than Carson Wentz

    Orignal Name

    Bigg B oof

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