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Orbitz _ Reply

Oh boy McCaffrey is going to be scary this year

    trill 1 Reply

    @Independence I’m pretty sure you were one of those talking about how Goff is a better QB.

    Independence Reply

    trill 1 lmao no I wasn’t check before you comment

    trill 1 Reply

    @Independence I saw your comments. I’m talking about last year too

    Independence Reply

    trill 1 last year? You must be smoking something heavy because I never said Goff was better

    Wesley Walker Reply


Aktiver Pessimist Reply

McCaffrey is gonna sit in a wheelchair at age 31 if the Panthers use him like this.

    John Herrera Reply

    @Independence yeah I’m sure he won’t mind the CTE in 4 years

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    @110P Highlights He’s gonna get hurt this year. Too small to be running like that.

    SIR- Clasher Reply

    Lee Haggins curko and Moore aren’t bad it’s their 2nd and 3rd years. They’re new and getting used to playing in the NFL

cookingwithabandit sksk Reply

I hope Eric weddle is okay

    Daniel Coronado Reply

    @Justoo nope

    Tyler Reply

    Justoo no he’s not

    Hey Jrostey Reply

    heights163 what time

    Zabun Nahar Reply

    Ravens should have kept him

    Myles B Reply

    @Zabun Nahar why?

Mboss11 _06 Reply


    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Reply

    A sad falcons Fan You got blown out by a mid tier team. We didn’t.🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Clash Of The Horns Reply

    If panthers stay focused and improve from this they can win the south

    Mr.Schnitzel Reply

    @A sad falcons Fan 28-3

    Anuj Peri Reply

    A sad falcons Fan who’s last in the NFC South rn?

Independence Reply

McCaffrey is something else. Idk how he stays in the game for so long after 3 consecutive runs of 10+ yards. He’s the definition of a workhorse

    Independence Reply

    Agent Orange you gay asf

    Jonathan Leak Reply

    Just like his father

    Unmasked God Reply

    Chris B nah, Taysom Hill is the Swiss Army knife of the NFL

    Emari Carter Reply

    God given talent and skilled

Josue Tejada Reply

Feel bad for McCaffrey. Literally carried the Panthers offense

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed Reply

    @cavaleer And Cam took 7 years to figure out he is not a RB.

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed Reply

    @GumGumNuke Who the hell names their baby saquon?!

    Nima Scolari Reply

    Agree, man. He’s superb. Sa depart is Cam is literally getting worse year on year. Not only is he not developing at a rate he should be but he’s getting less accurate and, less mobile, less agile and less of leader.

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed Reply

    @Glasseye Offical Fuh reah nikka

Heso Melo Reply

Let’s go Rams. GG Panthers your fans are actually pretty chill and non toxic

    Vonte Ross Reply

    I kinda figured we weren’t gonna beat the Rams. I just wanted it to be a close game, which it was. We gonna be 2-1 after these next 2 games so I’m not upset. Just beat the Saints Sunday and I’m good

    Lukus Mcmanus Reply


    Neighborhood Sancho Reply

    Yo Momma woulda coulda don’t count

    Billy Rhodes Reply

    Thanks man! GG to you too

    picco call Reply

    As a Panthers fan I hope the saints get destroyed we are chill till it comes to the saints or broncos

TD-ICE Reply

We struggled a little yes but same for the rams. compared to teams like falcons and browns who everyone was rooting for but got clapped worse. I’m fine with losing to 3 GG Rams

    Forrest Gump Reply

    That is legit the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. We lost but I’m ok with losing because it was by 3.

    Lou Del Reply

    @Ron Lima lol wtf is he talkin bout.. A loss is def a loss. I rather get blown out cause after it starts u can accept it. But to lose by a point hurts more..

    Nate Klemick Reply


    brianm Reply

    TD-ICE stop. Just stop. You struggled A LOT. You will be 8-8 with a top 5 RB. Hopefully you do worse so you can draft a Qb

    gme213la Reply

    yup rams starters zero pre season tho

GII #30 Reply



    Alex Garcia Reply

    Goff sucks lmao

    Daniel Maier Reply

    As a Rams fan I cant believe they paid him. I like the guy but he’s missing that instinct. He can’t seem to think for himself.

    Victor Santana Reply

    Skoldier 19 Vikings then that makes you a clown 🤡 you over here talking about other people being bandwagons when it’s actually you who’s the bandwagon

    BigBoysClimbOnBigRing Reply

    100M guaranteed 😂

Clash Of The Horns Reply

Player of the game cory Littleton rams unknown stud linebacker Go Rams

    Tyeler Uelk Reply

    @951 Vasquez same

    Tyeler Uelk Reply

    Littleton started on special teams last year, and he made some plays with tackling and blocked punt. He really stepped up on D when the Rams gave him a shot and we needed it because going into last year, LBs were our weak point

    Tyeler Uelk Reply

    Ebukam is not bad at all by any means either

    Xever Williams Reply

    Yea there is a mismatch there, the man always ends up doin something big in important games. Wade always gets him there and he shows up every time. Hell of a game a nice clash to start off the season. The football definitely bounced our way in this game.

    Javier Delgado Reply

    He’s my IDP stud and led all IDPs in points (29.9) in my league 🙂

Jack Reply

1:36 “Looks like a Patriot was on the field.”


    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    @Calibankz Thomas Its week 1 and fans are making jokes about the Patriots again. Anything to make Brady more motivated to keep winning right? 😉

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    @carl-friedrich95 Yeah cuz Brady has such control if the refs he voluntarily suspended himself for 4 games in 2016. The Patriots have such control of the refs Jared Goff choked in the Super Bowl last year. The refs made Goff play like trash. I get it now.

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    @GENO So the refs made Jared Goff choke during last year’s Super Bowl? 😒

    GENO Reply

    @Renaldy Calixte lol….they should not have even been there. The refs blew 2 calls against the Saints at the end of the NFC championship to make sure that the Pats didnt play New Orleans.

    elite aviator Reply

    Calibankz Thomas I feel sad for you Patriots haters.Cheating?Really?Is that all you desperate people got?

Bobby Padilla Reply

Hats off for Gurley to TAKE CHARGE in the 4th to put the game on ice and redeem himself after a challenging 1st half🏈💯

    Leroy Booker Reply

    They didn’t give him enough carries he only had 6 and they weren’t in rhythm

    Josh Romero-Burgan Reply

    Honestly I think mcvay was planning on easing him into the game but he wasnt confident in Goff dealing the game so we went with tg instead

    Derrick Glover Reply

    Todd Gurley is still hurt Todd is doing what he can… Todd cannot be the back to carry the ball 30 times in a game anymore if they try that they are only going to get him injured

Alec swayer Reply

I know people make mistakes…
but how? this ain’t no patriots game brotha

    shaochia vang Reply

    I heard Packers on that punt block

    xXDiceMan711Xx Reply

    Just before that comment they were talking about SB53

    Cdub2k Reply

    I think the Hoody snuck a Patriot in there to spy on any new wrinkles the Rams might have. Double check the tape.

    Leo Dancor Reply

    If you saw a panther out in the wild you could mistake it for a patriot

Stan ezen Reply

Christian McCaffrey. The Workhorse or the Panthers

    Teddy Rosenburg Reply

    Stan ezen the offense*

    cavaleer Reply

    He’s supposed to be but they’re gonna have to find someone to help. You see the Rams plan and how well it worked. Cannot have a 1 feature RB in the NFL any more.

    Stan ezen Reply

    You’re right those days are long over.

Buddy Norris Reply

They didn’t beat us that bad by 3 points wow that’s not bad what was coming back today we get us a fright watch and see

    LA BoutaBagDoe Reply

    Buddy Norris + A win is a Win That was good Road Win for us no matter how much we won by

Anoop Pillai Reply

McCaffrey looking better than last season. Looking like a 1400 rush and 800 receiving season, with 18 TDs.

    Anoop Pillai Reply

    @John Herrera he can handle it man….it was the same workload last season.

    John Herrera Reply

    @Anoop Pillai lol that’s the problem

    Anoop Pillai Reply

    @John Herrera you might be right. But I am hoping not….
    There have been so many RBs with more touches than McCaffrey. Time will tell if he is as durable as I think he is.
    Cam has to do better though.

    T Lin Reply

    18 TDs lord lord lord

    Anoop Pillai Reply

    @T Lin ?!

Vocal Reply

Lots of respect from rams fans! Well played LA This was a fantastic battle of running backs. Gurley and McAffrey are true generational talent.

Denzel Batts Reply

Goff looked rusty but he will be way better next game

Volaly Vosauce Reply

I have to say. If it’s one thing Rams fans and Panthers fans can agree on, it’s our disdain for Saints fans. Gg, and God bless. Hope you guys win the NFC South. #HornsUp #KeepPoinding

    Antonio Wilson Reply

    If your a Panthers fan I hope you know your not going to the playoffs this year’s disdain that💯

    Volaly Vosauce Reply

    @Antonio Wilson I’m a Rams fan. #BlewDat #Only3PointsInSB #AndStillBeatTheAints

    Volaly Vosauce Reply

    @Antonio Wilson oh yeah, Aints are trashy af in away games. I hope the Saints players want revenge so badly, that they play sloppy, and make a lot of mistakes. Man that would doom y’all fr 😂🤣. Good luck tonight though, I’ll be rooting for the Texans, of course. The Saints will probably win tonight, but they taking that L next week with less rest. 😅

    Antonio Wilson Reply

    @Volaly Vosauce trashy in away games but we’re 7-1 last year on the road yeah ok I’ll be back in these comments Sunday evening after we get that Dub

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