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Ignore the comment for Antonio Clown🤡


Receiver realized just a second too late, “that’s backwards” argh

Ricky Ferguson

Ty baby Cam! Great team leader blam it all on the other


Why a fumble but not incomplete pass??

    Bee Eazy

    It’s bullshit


    i dont know But why turnover? Becoz backward pass?


    the ball was tipped by the rams

    David Gatzen

    @DAK A backward pass is considered a lateral, so the ball is still in play.

    i dont know

    DAK yeah beacuse if qb throws it back and it falls it is a fumble if he throws up and falls its incomplete pass

Ricky Ferguson

Try again…cry baby Cam! Blame it all on his teammates or the ref. Or his coach!!

    Tyler Buck

    @Ricky Ferguson just a poor judgement to make based off of one PC. Sit down and watch all of them and then come back and tell me how he doesnt own up to his mistakes. Start with last seasons PC tape

    Tyler Buck

    @Ricky Ferguson he missed throws, which he owned up to it’s not his problem if his receive fumbles the ball

    Tyler Buck

    @Ricky Ferguson let me get that research started for you with this press conference. Heres each time cam talked about his play and what he needed to do better.
    I respect opinions, but get your facts straight

    Ricky Ferguson

    Tyler Buck . That’s for the information. I will go check them out. I am always trying to educate myself. It might take me a day or so but I will do it. By the way… I think Ron Rivera is an outstanding head coach ! Hell of a player also. And the Panthers have the best running back in football in MaCaffery! He is a freaking stud. Again thanks for the info. and I will start studying!!

    Ricky Ferguson

    Tyler Buck . Question Tyler..what do u think of Antonio Brown going to the Patriots ?

Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana


Lexington Leffall

Let’s go Rams 🐏💙💛


    Lexington Leffall 3 point squad 🐐

    Eugene Rollins

    @CCD Shup up!!

    Tadhg OFarrell

    Nice superbo….. oh wait. Nvm

    Xavier Stamps



I’m getting a lil Cam fatigue 🙄


Cam can’t play like this and expect the Panthers to go deep in the playoffs this season.

    Jon Davis

    I thought this was the one game he would be his best lol refreshed and all


    uhhh they are 0-1…. PLAYOFFS did you say playoffs…whose talkn playoffs… MORA LIVES!

BmoreBirds Nest

Cam been trash since 2016….

    MLP Shawn

    Maybe he should start dabbing again?


    No way

Jack Salonsky

What is cam doing anymore

B Rus

That pass was 100% going forward or at least along the line of scrimmage and it got tipped. Should have been an incomplete pass. Rams look weak this year, see y’all soon

    B Rus

    @Dude Ranch ha jokes on you Seattle is utter garbage in the first 2.5 games every year. The fact that we won makes it kind of amazing tbh😂 see ya soon!

    Dude Ranch

    B Rus no joke taken, most teams play bad in the first couple games, my Rams played bad, bad at least it was away and against a way more challenging team than the bengals who have no potential. We’ll pick up our slack and by the time we go into seattle we’ll take another W, see ya’ll soon!

    Kyle Little

    They look like trash and still put up 30 points


    B Rus Jokes on you. Looking slow and scroring 30? I’ll take that

BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu

Rams have gotten so lucky this game


    Sometimes you need a bit of luck.

Alex Culkin

Wow what a turnover

Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

Let’s go L.A Ram’s first game supporter and fan from Memphis Tn, love been a fan since Saint Louis Ram’s still rocking die heart

    Dude Ranch


    Jake Green

    @Dude Ranch you facing a injured newton and a bad o-line week 2 gunna be fun

    Dude Ranch

    Jake Green I’ll be at tge stadium next weekend!!! GO RAMS GO!!!

    Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

    @Jake Green let’s see and make it happen

    Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

    @Dude Ranch going to a game this year


Let’s go Panthers!!

Austin Thomas

I hope your golf mom died

Yung Faness

Tam Giac Dont CaLL Me Bro

Jay Cash

That was a forward pass that was tipped back by a rams player. Also in the third quarter they ruled a catch and fumble an complete pass. Even after the challenge the explanation was something like “yes, it’s a catch, but we’re gonna call it incomplete since we cannot see where his knee was when the ball was out” … wtf lol. Yes, we didn’t play that well but those 2 calls were atrocious. Let’s get Tampa this thursday.

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