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Rams Players React to New Uniforms

We got the players on Zoom calls to show them what they'll be wearing this season. See their first reactions.

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FBI Reply

New uniforms are fireeeeeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rudy M Reply


    pam0077 Reply

    The new uniforms and helmet are rather awesome, I like them a lot. The secondary team logo with the ram head is fine, it can stay. The primary team logo with the horned LA is hideous, i’m embarrassed every time I look at it, it’s got to go.

    Talk Smoke Reply

    The new rams head isn’t too bad but not suitable for a helmet. The word mark is ugly as sin looks like pacman.
    I find the new horns a bit too thick

    Gladiator Spear Reply

    For Reals

    Gladiator Spear Reply

    Daniel Coronado looks lame

    Eric Corona Reply

    Win a Super Bowl and be fine with these threads and logo? No. What happened here is we once had a hot as F boyfriend or girlfriend. Now that significant other weighs 350 pounds. Things do not shine like they once did. I still care about them, but I am not happy with what they have become.

VIKI X Reply


Big Cock Man Reply

Lol rams just leaked madden 21

    Gladiator Spear Reply

    Looks like madden 20,19,18,17,16,15. Lmao

Jacoby Johnson Reply


    GoldenOreoYT Reply

    I’m offend by you my fellow broncos fan

    Jacoby Johnson Reply

    GoldenOreoYT the logo still sucks tho

Jackson Scott Reply

They look so much better in this video than they did in the reveal

    pam0077 Reply

    Maybe it’s the player’s favorable reaction that makes them look so much better. Wait until the team comes out onto the field at SoFi on opening day. I bet they’ll look even better still.

Jose Acevedo Reply

Drip drip 🔥🔥🔥👀👀👀

Alex Garcia Reply

These reactions look super FAKE

    Daniel Coronado Reply

    Bruh go somewhere or get laid.lol

    Rams Direct Reply

    Alex Garcia your prob one of the other old men who are mad because these are modern stfu lol

    That's a Toilet Reply

    Rams Direct bro admit they suck

    ツStinkypoopoo Reply

    Rams Direct bro they are complete trash, I’m honestly so happy I’m a chargers fan

MTS Panda Reply

These fire bruh🔥🔥

Gansito Reply

Fake reactions

    Joshua Medley Reply

    Looks legit to me lol

    RedHannya Reply

    Well when you’re under contract with the team..
    And the team pays you..
    Of course the players are gonna act like its great. 😂

t3ddyRUXpn Reply

What are the players gonna say? They got no choice but to hype this BS. These are straight BASURA!

Talk Smoke Reply

Colors are old school. Good with them. Glad they got ride of the traces of st louis gold. Did like the ram head from the st Louis days making it white was good.

Neil Gonzalez Reply

Please Rams just win us a Superbowl soon! We good!

Jared_Goff Reply

I bought a Jersey of Cooper Kupp but it is expected to arrive on December 1st

Joshua Snider Reply

I’m a saints fan but I like some good looking uniforms, these are so much better than the falcons jerseys

Joey P Reply

Love it rams house 🤘🏽

Aiden grillo Reply

For those hating on them, the game is changing. It’s time we adjust to the modern era. The rams have some of the most old school jerseys and branding, so it’s time to rebrand ourselves in Los Angeles. New modern stadium, modern uniforms, modern logo. People are afraid of change, but it’s time to be the team that starts a new era for football and sports everywhere. #RamsHouse

JastheMace1 Reply

Why does the helmet have a big letter C on it?

BG Reply

LOL stole the colors and logo from Angelo State University 😂😂😂

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