Rakeem Nuñez-Roches ‘I Feel a Night & Day Difference From Last Year’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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bradbaebae Reply

heart of the team. him and Devin White.

Michael Lamb Reply

Love Nachos energy
I expect better production from backup dt’s this year

trekbsg Reply

Love this guy. Go Bucs!

Mexican Zeppelin Reply

I like this guy. Immediately. He takes a joy in playing the sport. This team seems to have the potential to develop a great unity and identity.

Mexican Zeppelin Reply

More than a few guys have mentioned Tom’s preparation. It takes a very driven man to be 43 and still show up prepared like that, day in, day out, even for camp. No Jay Cutler. Jay could wing the ball as well as anybody, but look at the difference an attitude can make. Tom is studying that NO defense right now. He’s discussing with Byran and Bruce, and they are going to be a load come game day. They may lose it, but they will fire that warning shot over the bow, not that NO needs any introduction to a last second loss to Tom.

Ryan Allen Reply

Nacho was in the middle of some big plays last year. I think Chris Simms would call him a “F%ck the Play Up” kind of guy.

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