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Napoleon Reply

Dalvin is a monster , can’t wait for the rest of the league to get put on notice

    Sher Vang Reply

    Skip to 5:02 and tell me if I’m wrong, Vontaze Burfict out there just trying to throw Haymakers at Davin cause he got his ankles broken

    markmac Reply

    i been on notice since 2014. he should have won 1 or 2 Heismans. i saw him get 90+ yards in a game…even though he got hurt on his 3rd carry and never came back in.

    markmac Reply

    @Tony Scar he was just pointing out that he been down with DC way longer than all you bandwagon fans of his. yall probably hated him just because he went to FSU, now you wanna hold his hand.

    markmac Reply

    @MegaJesusisGod DC&NOLES4LIFE

    Guy Black Reply

    @Skol Nation I wouldn’t say that. He only runs at ppl when there’s more of a benefit to going north/south and picking up the yards. Think about how often AP would dance and be indecisive. It led to a lot of the negative yardage plays. Dalvin CAN juke you, but if he sees an opportunity to get a few extra tough yards and fall forward he’s not going to stand there and dance around trying to juke. He’s efficient. And sometimes that comes off as running at ppl.

Emperor Palpatine Reply

To be honest Jon Gruden should’ve stuck to announcing.

    jake tim Reply

    Gruden play call too old school, raiders need coaches like mcvay and Shanahan


Skol baby the chef was cooking today, cousins still looks average though

    DANTARAD 97 Reply

    Shane Tuma he seems to be really good one game then terrible the next game and u never know which Kirk ur gunna get

    ShrekLiveActionMovie420 Reply

    DANTARAD 97 Kirk is good when it’s a home game early in the day not in the national tv spotlight. But when the lights turn on at night and the games matter more he kinda shrinks. He’s just not big time. If I was the Vikings I would look into Cam Newton next season

    DANTARAD 97 Reply

    ShrekLiveActionMovie420 yeah I agree Kirk ain’t it but I also don’t think cam would be much better I think we should draft a Qb next draft

    Jacob Bastian Reply

    I thought every play cousins looked really sharp

    DANTARAD 97 Reply

    Jacob Bastian just wait until next week, we’re on the road in Chicago he always plays bad on the road against good teams

jaxon desjarlais Reply

Me: watches entire game start to finish

Also me: watches the highlights for the game right after it ends 🙃

    Byron Buxton Reply

    I always do after a good performance.

    Byron Buxton Reply

    I do after a bad performance as well just to read the comments.

    110 % Reply

    It’s satisfying to me lol

    Mantiss Toboggan Reply

    My second time watching the highlights tonight

    jaxon desjarlais Reply

    Mantiss Toboggan 😂😂 same

Fingering Things Reply

Here are some positives for the Raiders: None

    ShazamxGun 1 Reply


    Wayne Staples Reply

    @Renaldy Calixte it’s a team sport. Everyone on the team has to contribute

    Byron Mendez Reply

    @Gabriel no hes bad

    Tyler Morro Reply

    I know we looked terrible. Foolish penalties are still killing us…

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Renaldy Calixte not a patriot either.

Jaydub 27 Reply

When you live in Vegas and the raiders are moving to your city…….

    CALI 420 Reply

    Hahahah glad that trash is out of CALIFORNIA

    Jaydub 27 Reply

    @CALI 420 rip vegas

    TheKidwonda Reply

    When you live in St.Louis and the rams left your city…..

    Jaydub 27 Reply

    @TheKidwonda I feel bad sorry man,

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Rodney James why do teams always want to move to LA with its apathetic fanbases.

KingXpTv Reply

Don’t trust cousins but ill take the dub he’s getting better

    Josh Jacobs Reply

    U saying he getting better like he a Rookie and not been in the league like 7yrs starting like 5 of them 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Ahmad2423 Reply

    Run the ball MORE an let that defense hunt. That should be their recipe for success, But than again Thelien and Diggs are BEAST on that outside. However if you let Cousins throw more they’ll lose more. Mike Zimmer has a helluva deliemma.

    Zachary Rizzo Reply

    You just can’t trail by more than 20 with Kirk as the QB

    ShrekLiveActionMovie420 Reply

    8 years into the league and he getting better huh. Vikings

    asap bruhhh Reply

    Yeah a lot of those passes we’re luckily not picked off 🤷🏻‍♂️ he’ll return to his old self next week.

Jay Waz Reply

If Kirk can be at least slightly above average the Vikings should make the playoffs

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Renaldy Calixte Keenum didn’t do anything for his present team. Beside his contract runs out this season. If extended, I will mocks the vikes coach.

    Davor Ban Reply

    playoffs ? Mate with this roster they should be SB contenders

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Davor Ban well vikes got embarrassed by packers.

    RileyMyles Reply

    Sadly, that’s asking a lot for Cousins.

LethalDog 53 Reply

Dalvin Cook is a special talent😮

    president camacho Reply

    he looked real good but let’s be real, this was against the raiders defense.

    Jennifer C Reply

    He reminds me of.. (and I’m saying this with the upmost, respect and Love💜💛…) AP aka ALL DAY💪🏾. IN terms of the injury and coming back 2x’s better…its only been done once and I know its early but damn this Kid is AWESOME!

    Robert Hart Reply

    president camacho he looked good against the packers defense which is pretty good

    will mounts Reply

    No my teams defense sucks

    noname305 its me Reply

    @Ahmad2423 stop it

Brandz Reply

Dalvin Cook is the real deal, he’s playing better than ever after his injuries somehow

    Kelly Oubre’s Son Reply

    Brandz sounds familiar almost like the same thing happened with another vikings back lol. big things coming up for cook

    Dejo Reply

    Brandz He was doing this stuff before it’s just that his season was unfortunately ended.

    Isaac Williams Reply

    He was actually leading the league in rushing last year before he got injured, so there is your somehow right there

    Dirple Nurple Reply

    Reminds me a of AP’s comeback after his

    Jordan Golde Reply

    He had 2 years of NFL rehabilitation and strength training. He’s barely been tackled in nearly 2 years. And on top of that he’s a stud. He’s not AP though. AP did in 10 months what has taken Cook 2 years to do. Cook can catch though so…. idk


Dalvin Cook was basically half the game for Vikings 😂

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Jabren Harris after all Steelers, saints and Seahawks have all fallen down even worse than predicted.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Jabren Harris and rams are very overrated if they lost two times so easily to Patriots. After all this is the same Patriots that lost to dolphins last year.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Jabren Harris beside the best odds I gives the vikes is wildcard and 1st round playoff. That’s the best odds I could possible give them and it’s still early in the season.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Jabren Harris beside no one predicted the eagles or rams will made it that far you knows. Anything can happen.

    Matt Ekre Reply

    @Jabren Harris Oh, so you’re just an idiot. Alright, nevermind.

BaronVonBielski Reply

Carlson makes 17 in a row, comes back to town and misses. Lol

    Natearl13 Reply

    BaronVonBielski Mike Zimmer lives in kickers’ heads rent free lol

    tim allen Reply

    @Robert Huge ol Freddy the Foot

    BaronVonBielski Reply

    Natearl13 lol so true. I never believed any sort of kicking curse but after this I may just believe the Vikings curse their kickers.

    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    @Natearl13 damn 🤗😂

    cinder 99 Reply

    @Yami Darkness yeah these youngsters dont even know how bad the kicking misery is here. The best Vikings team in history missed the super bowl because of a missed 40 yarder by a guy that didn’t miss all year. I’ll never see this f….. team win a super bowl.

Kevin Tetz Reply

This game just proves the Vikings need to give the ball to all of their RBs because they cut through defensives like a knife throw butter

    trha2222 Reply

    pam. by u grass The

    DarthRaider Reply

    Through *

Anonymous Reply

Not to take anything away from the chef himself but Alexander Mattison keeps impressing as well.

    Darrell Campbell Reply

    He playing pretty well in a back up role and having a good season like Dalvin Cook.

    Mantiss Toboggan Reply

    3 the Dreaded Dragon

    Anonymous Reply

    @Darrell Campbell True but honestly it compliments dalvin cook so well as that 1 – 2 punch.

    noname305 its me Reply

    Hell yeah

    Luis Gonzalez Reply

    @Matt Patterson The Dreads!, I love it!

Nicholas Katsikas Reply

Dalvin Cook is playing like the best RB in the NFL to start the season.

    Henry Gucci Reply


    francis abongo Reply

    he was playing like the best RB to start the season before he tore his ACL. I think he was leading the league in yards after 3 games then tore his ACL. Hmmm

    julio guzman Reply

    Gurley is better

    noname305 its me Reply

    @julio guzman dalvin is a first round talent and he showing why

daniel arellano Reply

Love Carr for his personality and awesome sportsmanship, but it’s time to start looking for a New QB.

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    penoyer79 Long way to go,
    but ok on Jimmy G .. so far🤔!

    GodSun Universe Reply

    He a very good Qb. Put more talent around him

    mike a saintz Reply

    Raiders should just remake their team

Stefan Anderson Reply

Shout out to Darren Waller with 134/214 of Carr’s passing yards for saving my fantasy team this week

    tim allen Reply

    That dude is great ! Never heard of him until today . Stud!

Poisonedblade Reply

Raiders: What we lack in offense, we make up for in lack of defense.

    Ryan Slatstoomuch Reply

    6:00 when you and your homie get done double teaming a girl

    Jose Angel Hernandez Reply

    @eedleate 😂😂😂

    Tyko Reply

    ​@Ryan Slatstoomuch Because…now you and your buddy can finally lay down playing tummy sticks, without all the guilt.

    Paulo K Reply


    As bad as it is it’s still better than cocksoccer.

    stetswat4 Reply

    5:58 that’s how to celebrate a tackle with your mate 😂

Mummy Napkin Reply

Those two viking running backs are like twins, they are both so explosive as hell and really good

    David Hunt Reply


    XiiLe Reply

    Those 3 * 😭

    Jordan Golde Reply

    Come on… I like Matty but Cook is on another level

weakbrainthrombosis Reply

Kirk cousins vs. Derek Carr battle it out to see who is the 45th best qb in the NFL.

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