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RuelMP Reply

Nathan Peterman!!! Bills were just that bad lolol

    Karo French Reply

    @Daniel Harrison He wont get that chance.Glennon is the back up.

    Naru 'Sanav Reply

    @Trix Yeah, but now I think he _really_ has something to prove. I guess we’ll see – _if_ he’s able to play, anywhere.

    Sojo R Reply

    Good thing you’re not a coach lol

    Leto Atreides Reply

    I’m starting to think Peterman really is actually a Good not great qb and the Bills were that bad. Name the last decent qb to play 2 full good seasons in Buffalo?

Ross Luton Reply

praying for CJ Prosise that he made it out healthy tonight, so happy for him.

    Sojo R Reply

    @Ross Luton You sound like someone who never played sports before. I can tell by your mentality.

    kaioken Reply

    @Sojo R You’re right. I’m not on the Seahawks

Ka Kjj Reply

That unnecessary roughness call with 2 minutes remaining in 4th was terrible

    Lockonese Reply

    Julian Agregan LOL no


    It was a good call but the other one before where he got hit twice & on his back & was called unnecessary roughness, ill give you that one.

    Anunnaki J Reply

    Ka Kjj gotta do something to help Peterman….if it weren’t for flags all his drives woulda led to field goals

    masterlee13 Reply

    most calls were terrible but then again referees do that every year in the pre-season.

    Juhsten K Reply

    @Anunnaki J pretty sure all raiders drives ended up in field goals anyway except in garbage time?

Ka Kjj Reply

Seahawks d line and running game looked great

    Reppin Seattle 79 Reply

    Yeah, we look strong up front and our secondary is flying all over the field.

    Chest Rockwell Reply

    When did you get your diagnosis for retardation?

Ka Kjj Reply

Seahawks have a lot of depth at rb

    Yo Mama Reply

    Brandon Acosta Seahawks starters were running down the Chargers throat the game before this

    Yo Mama Reply

    mikevismyelement stfu

    Al HassanT Reply

    @Brandon Acosta Yeah, you guys ran great against our 3rd stringers. smh

    Prophet Guru Reply

    lol. 70% of these players will be sitting near their phones until Wednesday waiting for teams to pick them off waivers. And next week Friday, they will be sending their resumes to Walmart and McDonalds.
    harharharhar. I`m looking at you Cardalle Jones, Terrelle Pryor, Luke Wilson, Pharaoh Cooper… #WelcomeToTheRealWorld

    Yo Mama Reply

    Al HassanT yeah our 3rd and 4th string back did run great against your backups

Mattheyou Reply

Russ was actually calling plays thats crazy and the drive went for a td.

    Scotts Freeny Reply

    陳心晨  陳心晨  陳心晨  陳心晨  陳心晨

    TerrorWest Reply

    the next drive he called went for 0 yards.

    Chest Rockwell Reply

    Typical bandwagon Seahawks fan … clueless.

    mathewparrett - Reply

    against 5th stringers

Thomas Latimer Reply

My Raiders back ups sucked but credit Seattle

    jarvis williams Reply

    Those weren’t backups but roster bubble guys and dudes fighting to be on practice squad somewhere in the NFL

    CSFLChampion Reply

    Geno Smith is ready for the XFL

DyslexicPanda - Reply

Ben Burr Kirven (idk how to spell his name) is an absolute beast! Loved him at UW hopefully he stays on and plays more at Seattle

    Sojo R Reply

    You must be white lol

    Clown Shoes MMA Reply

    Sojo R or he may be dyslexic. Like his name says???? Fkn toolbox. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    perpetual61 Reply

    @Sojo R Hey why bring Race into it and BTW I’m a Latina and like all people. If a person is good the color or lack there of shouldn’t matter…Go Hawks !

    Sojo R Reply

    @perpetual61 spare me

Red Bearded One Reply

Raiders Practice squad o line is trash on picking up blitz. Peterman looking solid out there. Dink and dunk but making it happen.

    Milli Macro Reply

    He looked pretty solid layin on the turf every other play

    Sojo R Reply

    Did you say peterman is looking solid? Bwahaha your standards are low

    Shawn Thomas, Sr. Reply

    yeah, he a WC Offense in the right system… seems to look like it.

    Chest Rockwell Reply

    @Milli Macro 12 is obviously your football IQ

    EspressoShot Reply

    dink and dunk is grudens offense get used to it.

Andi S Reply

2:50 BBK was launching like a heat seeking torpedo.

    Zénó Madarász Reply

    at 5:35 too!!

isaaclikesturtles Reply

Lmao the commentary crew really didn’t want it to make it to extra time

    308wce 05 Reply

    @Papi Ricardo there is but coaches try to avoid it

    Papi Ricardo Reply

    308wce 05 tf really ?

    SebastianTheGreat Reply

    No, it’s just the Seahawks crew. It seems the home team uses their own commentators for the preseason games

    Ryan Bird Reply

    SebastianTheGreat Teams use one national and one local commentator.

    Dalton v Reply

    Nobody wants to see 6th strong backups play overtime in a meaningless game that can cause injuries

splash gordon Reply

I think Peterman has done enough to win the back up spot glennon is out

    Name Jason Reply

    Honestly,keep them both Carr will get knocked out early in the season.

    waitwhatOo Reply

    I honestly can’t believe it, but you’re right

    Matthew Davis Reply

    I think I like Peterman more too. But they’ll probably roster 3 QB’s. Carr has been roughed up in recent years.

    Sojo R Reply

    Bfffft 😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂yall so crazy!! Lol

    splash gordon Reply

    @Anunnaki J honesty i dont want peterman to have to touch the ball at all in the regular season but he outplayed glennon i wouldnt mind heeping 3 except that roster spot can go to rush or doss

Marco Murillo Reply

Only watching these highlights so i can see Gruden’s reaction on Hard Knocks


The unnecessary roughness on shead in the 4th.. if that’s a foul Seahawks would have 2 super bowl rings with that malcom butler int being called the same foul

eph elle Reply

A familiar feeling. Hope we dont play like that in the regular season

abdul smith Reply

What the freak Jeno Smith looking like a all pro out in these streets goodness gracious…….

    oz is higher than a cloud Reply

    I hope the best for Geno 3rd team already in a short career

Quin Reply

Real Football next week knock on wood if you’re excited

    Christopher Hernandez Reply

    Hopefully it’s an easy dub against the bengals. They don’t have AJ green and the offensive line isn’t that good for them so hopefully Seattle can blow them out.



    Chest Rockwell Reply

    Hasn’t been real football in a long time..

    Christian Ramirez Reply

    Chest Rockwell Yes I know you love CTE

    Chest Rockwell Reply

    @Christian Ramirez aww go cry in a corner. Nobody is forcing them to play football. They get huge contracts to play a dangerous game. Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy is only a small part of the destruction of the body from year’s of football.. When you pray for Rain, you gotta be prepared to deal with the mud.

Pascal Seeger Reply

I mean, sure it’s pre-season but Russ calling plays just makes 1 thing very clear: Let Russ takeover the game when he needs to. They would have beat Dallas if they would have Russ unleash and dropping bombs all over the field. Be a “run first”-team, but don’t be too dependant on it.

If the MVPs of that team stay healthy, they can give the Rams a run for their money.

    3EyeKao! Reply

    Pascal Seeger exactly. If they let Russ do him in that cowboys game the whole second half. We would of won period. The play calling was bad. The run game wasn’t working all game n the oc was still pulling them .

    Skeezix Reply

    Pascal Seeger I bet Russ slept with the OC headphones on.

    Juhsten K Reply

    you say that as if they did not give them a run for their money last year? rams lose their momentum this year and seattle wins the division again. they had their chance at relevancy and blew it.

    Whompet Gaming Reply

    Or at least do what Seattle did against the Panthers. The run wasn’t working so they changed script and passed the ball. When the run doesn’t work go to pass asap.

Dee Espin Reply

Raiders lookin pretty good all except for not being able make that touchdown. Field goals won’t win games.

    Alexis Mendez Reply

    Well if he didn’t miss, a field goal would have won the game 🤷🏽‍♂️

React with Flash Reply

Nathan Peterman aka The 🐐 has officially won the backup qb job. Mike Glennon is TRASH!!!!! 😂 #Raidernation

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