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Kyler Murray gonna be playing baseball within 2 years if they don’t get him an offensive line.


    Lmfao look to yall making excuses he was trash by himself gtfoh


    @Fishing TheArea no stop making excuses he was garbage


    @Seung Lee no


    @Fabian Rodriguez lmfaao no that just tells you murray doesn’t know how to read defenses faster


    @Dale D yes they were

Escocivo 30

Peterman the GOAT went 100%!!!!!

    Rodger Morrison

    He’s the best of the worst ! Goat

    XSports Commentary

    Something you a lame? Stfu kid

    Derek Andrew

    For a 5yd average and no TDs.


    I’m pretty lame in the eyes of some too, but at least we’ll all be equal in death.

    Raider AL916

    Bro! Nathan Peterman is NO G.O.A.T.!!!!
    -Said NO ONE EVER…

Owen Raefield

Kyler Murray played horrible tonight. Even he admitted it.

    Low Key Evoh

    At 1:15, most QBs would have checked down to the wide open RB in the middle of the field before the pressure came. Seems like he wouldn’t be able to see the guy.

    Khai Tran

    Your right, cause he cannot see over the big o line.. Look how tiny he look out there, like a high school kid,

    † Ranger for Jesus †

    Shadows of Johnny Manzel.


    @SG27 preseason and the oline looked great behind Hundley try again


Mike Glennon has been about as boom or bust as they come. He’s literally a healthier version of Sam Bradford to me 🤣🤣🤣

    james carpenter

    @Rex Feliciano um cause when bradford is healthy he’s one of the better qbs but that’s the thing when healthy

    Jorge Rios

    But Sam Bradford doesn’t have that sweet glennon neck lol.

    Pharaoh NoChill

    A 1,000 HOES 🔥😷 like leave a comment good or bad 💯


    JayeCrook29 Glennon is trash, he’s a backup at best (I’m a Bear’s fan)

TexasDragon 1995

I feel like Nathan Peterman’s father, whenever he does well (even if it’s just a little bit) I can’t help but be SO proud of him.

    david sanders



    Peterman is undefeated this season. 😎

    Trolley The Troll

    Peterman is getting cut

    Joshua Oliver

    Trolley The Troll breaking: Las Vegas Raiders sign quarterback, Nathan Peterman to a 4 year $160 million contract with $120 million in guaranteed money


    Joshua Oliver Not Las Vegas yet. The Raiders have been teasing us over here since 2016

The Stoobers

I like how cardinals replaced a struggling rookie qb for another rookie who’s prolly gonna struggle too

    JD Yep

    He is a bust! Also their two starting cornerbacks are screwed! Patrick Peterson suspended for 6 game and Robert Alford fractured tibia which means he is mostly going to miss half the season! 6-10 at best for Cardinals

    Capa Arcade Stylz

    Huntley isn’t a rookie…


    @CP3’s Right Hamstring they have a oline murray is garbage


    @Mike Flores and we’re was all that talent this preseason game? Gtfoh

Ashley Nye

Kyler Murray gonna end up on the Diamondbacks here soon

    Ashley Nye

    Yo I literally don’t care who own his rights 😂 I said diamondbacks because they are in AZ… like the cardinals 😂

    King Toya


    Raider AL916

    Ashley Nye hahaha, everybody & their momma let you know!

    † Ranger for Jesus †

    Kyler Murray = Johnny Manzel 2.0

    Raider AL916

    † Ranger for Jesus † mmmm.. a little similar, but 99% off. Johnny couldn’t keep his nose clean, wasn’t drafted in the first round, had more of a chip on his shoulder, wasn’t as fast as Kyler, and wasn’t as calm.


Real rams will miss ya joyner……
Ball out for thw raiders this year man


    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† i think weddle will be a great replacement, but still good luck to him our offense and defense will all be better this year


    vOptiks i agree

    bryanCR7 sebastian

    Rams sucks

    Sho Tohara

    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† not a fan of our big money free agent playing into the second quarter but good play tho

    Sho Tohara

    Rock The Ram’s House Weddle is the better player imo but he’s on his last legs while Joyner is still at his prime

Synyster Hope

I can’t help but be happy for Peterman. He was at an all time low and one guy believed in him and now a few more.

    Dayne Reeves

    @Trolley The Troll maybe, maybe not. But John Gruden saw his athleticism at Pitt and how he led them to that monster upset in Clemson back in 2016. And while he does suck at the pro level, I can’t help but feel good for him. Maybe Gruden can give him new life.

    trajan hercules

    @Dayne Reeves How does he suck at the pro level? The preseason is the pro level and he is one of the best out there.

    Sho Tohara

    Synyster Hope yea I really want the guy to succeed not just for the memes I still think Glennon is the chief backup but I do think well keep Peterman around just in case the Carr breaks down

N.J.M Investors

Yooo! Nathan “THE GOAT” peterman squaring foos up at 6:21! Geeezuss

    Arturo Montenora

    Miguel Orozco there is only ONE NATION AND THATS RAIDER NATION.

    my penis is unbelievably small, but

    Angela Slaughter Are you stupid Peterman doesn’t have nearly as many interceptions as Brady, he’s clearly better

    trajan hercules

    @Alexis Mendez Its not really a joke anymore . Peterman is balling out!


    @Angela Slaughter idiot

Santiago Lopez

Bigger,faster,smarter…..murray you are screwed,you not dealing with highschool boys anymore🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MHA Studios

    Marcos Lopez why he a punk would he be a punk if he was on your favorite team

    Jacob Smith

    Marcos Lopez at least he will still be rich haha


    High school boys? Last time I checked he came from 4 years of college ball. So your statement makes zero sense.

    Kekoa Smith

    @Darryl Davis He would have won heisman in the SEC so this comment is irrelevant.


I know it’s still summer, but who’s ready for the autumn wind?

    Alan Portis

    Hahaha…… preseason Raiders! Enough said


    Some of yall really took that literally 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂 #onenationbaby #autumnwind

    Plain Mo

    Alan Portis keep on hating on the RAIDERS. We love it, and going to love it more when we shut the entire NFL tfu.


    @W Sjr you can keep the desert my friend…


    It’s time for the hoodies to make their triumphed return

elver galarga

It’s not the o-line , he’s not reading the blitzes off the edge

    papa sigz

    that safety legit o-line was non existent

    CeeLo Blak

    Doesnt even have a pocket to step up in so how do you avoid outside blitz otjer then running for ya life. They better make moves n get him a line or hell be in the mlb in a yr n half

    Jiggy Bah

    Darryl Davis huh you’re a hater OU defense is fuckn terrible

    Jiggy Bah

    Dalton Johnson right like wtf😂 u know he a hater

    Darryl Davis

    @Jiggy Bah I didn’t say they win only cause of their defense . I said their defense seems to make key plays at the end vs Texas.. Go watch the video. murray is trash.

Dj Diddles

Brett hundley will be the starter for the cardinals just watch.

    The Glorious

    Hmmm… QBs jumping from team to team. Strange league, confusing.

    The Glorious

    Sorry – no expert but last year in Green Bay was not a good time. I think the Cardinals are the new Browns. Just searching, crazy.

    Jordan Johnson

    Hey why not. Hundley can win games probably no more than with Kyler in his Rookie season, save that 1st round pick for a season and draft a friggin o line with the top pick next year or something. Or they can start Kyler all season, lose, trade him off and draft another QB in the 1st lmao

    The Glorious

    Jordan Johnson hmmm… yeh like The Browns. Forever searching.

    Sho Tohara

    Dj Diddles at the rate the o line is going at by week 5 Kyler will be sitting on injured reserve lol


Hard knocks gonna be Lit Tuesday

    Weapons Of Warfare

    @MHA Studios NFL doesn’t allow it anymore. This isn’t college

    MHA Studios

    Big hits can still happen it just helmet to helmet

    kekemay 55

    Why u don’t play on the team 🤣

    MHA Studios

    kekemay 55 I wish I did I went d2 thoe and I was strong safety that why I just want to see them do work

    MHA Studios

    kekemay 55 I’m bias with SS

Diane Lowe

Did Kingsbury bring one of his old Texas Tech defensive coordinators. They can’t stop a nosebleed.

    Thomas Urech

    Nosebleeds are slippery and persistent. Tech’s defense (and now the Cardinals’) couldn’t stop a lethargic three toed sloth

    David Dugas

    that coach needs to go. you can’t clap to hike the ball in the NFL. This isn’t high school, be professional.


    @David Dugas Cam Newton and the Panthers say hi

    David Dugas

    @hsucduw he claps but also says hike. I should know he’s in my division.


    @David Dugas Pretty sure Murray does to but I might be wrong.

charles allen

hundley wants this starter job bad man

    magan plays zagan

    Start a petition to start Brett hundley

    Lee Sanders

    David Skarica more like 3rd stringers. Kyler was playing back ups


    @Hector Munoz funny cause Hundley looked perfectly fine behind it


    He looked darn good here

Joel Groves

I wonder what QB the Cardinals are gonna choose with the #1 pick next draft

    Brian Garay


    kekemay 55

    Wide Receiver 🤣

    Dark Demonik


    Gavin F.

    Joel Groves with the first pick of the 2020 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Russell Westbrook

    † Ranger for Jesus †

    Should’ve just signed Johnny Manzel instead. That’s what they drafted.

Clifford Baskin

Cardinals first string O-line is garbage. And their defensive unit is just as bad. I know its preseason but come on, Murray was out there running track! And their Defense out there making Glennon look like the MF man!

    john johnny

    It’s real bad when the Raiders have a better line.
    Carr spent 70% of last season on the ground.


Murray looks so tiny…my god. He makes Russell Wilson look big

    Tayshawn Holland

    He look like a high school kid trying to play with grown men.

    Justin Bingham

    He’s 5’7”

    Evander Holyfield

    michael edwards u lowkey felt gay writing this ain’t you

    Plain Mo

    Wake up call Murray.

    Erock Stoenescu

    He’s 5’10” with cleats on

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