Raiders Tour New Henderson Headquarters – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Raiders Tour New Henderson Headquarters

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as current Raiders players and alumni tour the new Henderson Headquarters and Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Las Vegas.

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Yazi M

Love it



Yazi M


Uzziel Carriaga

These need to be longer

SKPjoe Coursegold

did i see silver black orange?

    OurNationSports 1

    Orange comes off when they finish

Shay Perry

Can’t wait to see J.A. head hunt next season RNFL!!!!

    My two bæs

    Dudes gona be like adams from the jets

    Jack Tate

    He need to keep it down.

    Miguel R

    @Jack Tatefor reals. He needs to stay healthy



Jonathan Rodriguez

Damn you don’t realize how big Darren is until you see him next to carr


My bro core drilled and flatsawed the Deathstar. Proud of him. I hope to work security there whenever I find out who got the contract. Raider Nation for life. Born and raised Vegas me and my bro. Both Raider fans since birth can’t wait to goto practices and catch a game and have a home team for the first time in history. Just Win Baby

    T K

    I wonder how long the fans will try calling it Deathstar

    daddys long

    @T K its gonna be a VEGAS thing…im sure they will keep it least in VEGAS..

T.R.U. Louisianimal



Excited for the new beginnings

I Perez

Watch Derek Carr be traded anyway

    Billy Allen

    robert wright Carr is taking us NOWHERE. I hope we get rid of him as soon as we get a chance

    I Perez

    @Billy Allen his injuries have made him play scared

    West Coastin'

    Keep dreaming, hes staying

    Malik Jones

    DJ Uiagalelei we need to keep tabs on the next great young QB, Somebody like the next Wilson, Mahomes or Jackson


    Yeah, every time I see these videos, I’m like, “What’s Carr doing in these videos? Getting his trade value up.” lol

Mitchell Vang

Salmon 🐟

    Paul Stringer

    Samon 😉

West Side

The Raiders deserve all this top of the line stuff

Christopher Clarke

I liked Waller’s question, he should have smacked that guy (j/k). LOL!

    Carbage Man

    IKR, everyone should have a TV in his locker. Wait, what?

virgo blue

Have of these guys probably want even be there next two years good luck with that lol🤣🤣🤣✌✌🎭🎭

    Carbage Man


    Malik Jones


MALO_ 213

Great field trip…but they forgot there brown bag!

Eddie 007

When the guy said meal room trent had the biggest smile 😁

Christopher Marcek

Cant wait to see who scores the first touchdown in New home of Raidernation.


    I think it will be a TD pass from Brady to Waller.

Malik Jones

Jon Abrams, we need him to roam the Football field he’s a GAME CHANGER!!!

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