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Raiders Review: Josh Jacobs vs. Broncos | Raiders

In this week's Raiders Review, former Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down running back Josh Jacobs' debut and the impact the offensive line made in the trenches against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

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Lorenzo Jimenez

Josh Jacobs is my favorite player right now


    OMG! I get goosebumps. My heart has been broken since 01-13-1991 Bo Jacksons final NFL game. JJ is finally making me feel whole again

    Jonathan Thomason

    And that offensive-line as well. They did one hell of a job creating a force field around Derek Carr…not a single scratch around him.


Jacobs looked beautiful Monday night

    Real one

    Hope the Packers win the NFC north šŸ‘


Lincoln Kennedy!
Should be RAIDERS O-Line Coach someday!
Nothing against Cable, but Cable is set in his ways, and Lincoln not only embodies what the RAIDERS are, he played at a high level for many years with the organization. He has a THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING of the RAIDER way.

He’s also brilliant!

Synful PK

His stats from that huge yard run, plus him avoiding a crowded tackle in the 2nd, then got a touchdown was an entertaining night for us Raider fans

Raider Cat

Cable has been one of the worst oline coaches protecting the QB his entire coaching tenure. If car gets sacked over 30 times I think it’s time for him to kick rocks.


JJ is a hybrid of Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber imho. Similar body frames, low center of gravity. Has the straight line acceleration of Portis minus the agility BUT makes up for the agility with straight line power burst and soft hands like Tiki. Tiki could move those chains, chew the clock and close out games better than any one of his size and Clinton had a breathtaking ability to accelerate through the hole and was a danger to break a long run at any point in the game including crunch time. Raiders got a hybrid beast. 31 NFL teams have to try and stop this guy and I get my popcorn every Sunday and get to watch them try.


    Great comparisons…
    How about a mix of Marcus Allen and BoJackson haha… I’m pumped for this young man, with his his storyline growing up to starting rookie NFL RB for the Raiders with a chance to really shine


    @DevastateOne Marcus and Bo ^^, Oh my lord lol. No bigger fan of Marcus and Bo than myself. I wish. There will never be another Bo. All things considered, I used to envision Portis in a Raider uniform despite his time with the Broncos. i am from Miami so I loved him since his high school and college days. I finally got my wish.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    He’s a slower version of LaDainian Tomlinson (top end speed). Look at Tomlinson’s rookie year…he only averaged 3.6 yards per carry and evolved as his career went along. Jacobs isn’t that caliber, but the ability in the hole, the ability to finish runs…not all 3.7 ypc averages are built the same. He got short yardage conversions all but one time. Trust me, he’s gonna get his chunk plays.


    @Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot LT is a top 10 RB GOAT in my book. maybe I could swindle an argument for him in the top 5 but this is neither the time or place for that. LT was a one man wrecking machine, he could do it all and few if any could find a scheme to stop him. I watched LT as a freshman at TCU when I was almost done with school and I knew he was going to be a beast. You’re talking 2000 plus total yards from scrimmage per year, NOT quite sure JJ is gonna ball that large. If JJ is even close to the player LT was we are going to be way better than I thought. For now I’ll stick to my Portis and Tiki


    I haven’t seen much of him but he reminds me of Ray Rice. Without the woman beating I mean

B Dav

Just imagine when Jackson and Incognito get back

    Ryan Cordova

    Idk I like how the o line is playing rn maybe replace devy but I really like denzelle good

Hardcore Raider


Real Richmond

Cant wait to see keelan doss take the field and I want to see renfrow get more touches….. carr can run and if he starts running when the pocket closes we will always move the chains.


It’s refreshing to see real football analysis instead of the mindless drivel of who’s gonna score the most fantasy points. Breaking down the X”s and O’s and blocking schemes in the trenches where the game of football is still won and lost is what us REAL football fans enjoy the most. THANK YOU Professor Kennedy!

Joshua scott

do y’all think Josh Jacobs going to be like Alvin karma as a raiders fan i would agree


    That would be awesome. Longtime Raider fan, live in NOLA and I love Alvin Kamara

    Joshua scott

    @Blues me too he can run fast

freddy zamaripa

One of my favorite raiders BIG Lincoln

mike b

Gotta give a lil love to Chucky, the offensive play caller too as well as Jacob’s.

Ken Stapler

Iā€™m glad JJ went to the Raiders. I got to watch him in college as a Bama fan and now I get to see him in the silver & black! JWB!

pedro franco chau

Lincoln knowledge, experience and battle-worn. Someone mentioned he should be an addition to the Raiders staff, most definitely!


Friggen awesome explantion. come out of retirement we miss you LK

Yosiah Ben Israel

Stop drawing up our damn plays for our ENEMIES to see.
We already know Jacobs is a beast in the field.

America 1776

Josh Jacobs is a beast in the making. šŸ’Æā˜ ļø

Quincy Sloan

That explains why Gruden kept Brandon Parker, we could see this develop in to something special throughout the season. Its genius actually, allowing a fake to a wide open Ingold or Waller down the field.

Mike Johnson

Let go get this second win!! Just win baby!! RN4L!! Love my Raiders!! Till I hit the grave!! Commitment to excellence!!

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