Raiders quarterback club congratulates Derek Carr on passing yards record | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Raiders quarterback club congratulates Derek Carr on passing yards record | Raiders

Hear from former Raiders quarterbacks Tom Flores, Jim Plunkett, Daryle Lamonica, Rich Gannon and Alexa Stabler at they congratulate Derek Carr for passing Ken Stabler (19,078) as the Raiders’ all-time leader in passing yards.

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Heartofachild O.A. Reply

Congrats #4 DC your an All time Raider Great now!

dachison carrazco Reply

DC4!!!!! Raiders nation!!!!

Lyndon Smith Reply

That great and all but we need point not records!

Brad Lamb Reply

That’s nice. Go win a damn game

bill hawk Reply

And raiders D breaks record for giving up 5 straight 30 yard completions pitiful

    foehmr0024 Reply

    Who the hell changed the coverage?!

    Daniel Madden Reply

    DOD raiders offensive coach sell out team. Worst play calls in history offensive coaches did not want Carr throwing ball

    Delusional Surfer Bob Reply

    bill hawk Who cares, Carr is not a winner. Jon and Mike still need to find a franchise quarterback for this team, it isn’t Derek Carr.

    Jack Tate Reply

    @Delusional Surfer Bob What is a franchise QB, delusional Bob?

    Delusional Surfer Bob Reply

    Jack Tate Mahomes. Brady. Wilson. There’s a few out there, of course less teams have them then those who have them. Carr isn’t even adequate. He’s a backup at best. Jon and Mike like him less then I do.

Dylon Malone Reply

In other news… The defense just allowed 4 tds in the 2nd quarter alone lol. God damnit

Lonzo Ball Reply

Yeah what an accomplishment but can’t score more than 10 points against the Chiefs in a half.

    TheRscott903 Reply

    Blame Gruden’s 2001 playbook

    Lonzo Ball Reply

    Or blame the mediocre QB in his 6th season that still makes rookie mistakes.


DC breaks record. Then KC breaks fans hearts smh

timothy fisher Reply

Where is the offense.

Joshua scott Reply

We did all these signings and drafting and hiring coach’s and We STILL LOOK TRASH😂😂😂

    falloutgam3r101 Reply

    David Johnson Yes, you have to take a step back in order to move forward. A true team struggles together, supports each other and learns with each other.

    Joshua scott Reply

    @falloutgam3r101 yea

    dreamshot Reply

    Joshua scott they had the whole 4thqrtr to adjust(coaching) and the players ddnt show hunger nor motivated to win, “just win baby” was not on their minds

    dreamshot Reply

    David Johnson 20+ years of down time

    Joshua scott Reply

    @dreamshot yea they look tired out there

pigspigs76 Reply

Raiders needed more agressive play calling vs. KC … Need to hit the qb hard and often.. cb blitz from the outside would have been ideal

    Im not a player I just smash alot Reply


    pigspigs76 Reply

    @Im not a player I just smash alot I mean if your going to lose like that and take trash penalties for roughing than you might as well be getting good shots in lol I would have sent Joyner in like a missle every drive

    Im not a player I just smash alot Reply

    @pigspigs76 , haha, ya might as well be 56 to 10, cause that’s what it would have been, no way we could cover them 1 on 1, conley was an embarrassment, they eased up second half, if they needed, could have scored plenty more, I love my Raiders but we had no chance, I still believe we are a good team though,

Rodney James Reply

Wow! Alexa Stabler is beautiful!

Michael V-B II Reply

What about all time wins?

•Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop• Reply

Kenny Stabler daughter is hot 🔥🔥😍

Mack Sermon Reply

Well done Derek. Sure we want more wins but you never give up. You give us a fighting chance. You are already a top 10 QB, lets see you fulfill your potential. ☠🤟🏽☠

    Im not a player I just smash alot Reply


E BO Reply

That was a terrible 2nd quarter to witness obviously. Thing is I think many people are overacting to this. As much as I hate to admit it K.C. is a Super Bowl contender. They have a top 2 offense in the league and their defense will likely end up being better than people think. I expected the Raiders to compete well but not get the W, and for 3 quarters they did. It just took that one quarter to erase the rest.

I expect the Raiders to improve form last year of course. If you think they will be contending with the likes of K.C. I have some bad news for you. I hate it, but that’s the reality right now.

Jack Tate Reply

Some of these comments are just so damn embarrassing.

Jack Tate Reply

It’s the defense people!

Im not a player I just smash alot Reply

Carr is a empty stat player, gets alot of yards when the team is trailing by 20 pts, then in the last quarter or so he tears it up, makes it look like he’s done something, don’t get me wrong, for some reason I still like him, but he hasn’t done anything towards winning, or getting the team in the playoffs, ya I remember the one year out of 6, he got hurt, please stop with saying he’s better than our real greats

Beast Mode Reply

What it do Alexa yeee lol

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