Raiders Live: QB Derek Carr Presser – 8.4.20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Raiders Live: QB Derek Carr Presser – 8.4.20

QB Derek Carr addresses the media from Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Henderson, Nev.

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Heartofachild O.A.



I feel like he just might prove all the doubters wrong this season with all the talent around him now and the other big reason is he knows that if he doesn’t perform better than last year he’s gone.

    Rene Basavand

    U wish!! I wish but dont see it


    @Rene Basavand Remember what you said once we are in the playoffs And Superbowl!

    Tyger King of kings


    Rene Basavand

    Have some respext for yourself

Sanjit T

Carr will be the reason why we win or lose this year. No Excuses!!!

    Sione Mohulamu

    When u dropping a video

    Remix WayLyfe God

    Gurden should be on the hot seat he facing three straight losing seasons not to mention the raiders having 2, 1 rd draft picks in two drafts

    Katero L

    Here you go, smh get on board and stop tryna put carr on the hott seat you watch way to much tape to still be somewhat doubting him

    Is He Izzy

    @Katero L Facts! 👏

    Tyger King of kings

    He has been since he got drafted and started in day one.💯

Dane Bowen

“Good to see you, Josh. Always good to see you…” Translation – “I see you talking sh** on Twitter, check yourself!”

    Galactic Goo


    James Magnolia

    He literally is the worst lol

    Christian Rodriguez


Alex Pierson

He is starting to sound like Gruden 😂

    Tyger King of kings

    He knows how to act and what to say that’s why he still has his job. Any other QB would’ve been got replaced.💯

Tupac 100

We headed to the Super Bowl. This year feels different. Do it for the doubters n to honor Kobe. Let’s go Raiders

Andres Salazar

You can tell those guns laws in Nevada are different than in California haha LETS GO RAIDERS!!

messenger 62

nice conversation.can’t wait for the season.thank you,very much.

Jason Bowman

About time, Derrick…. stop being soooo nice and become a savage! Savages win championships ( look at Kobe)

Jedidiah Brown

I’m really diggin this side of DC4. We need that dawg in this fight.

    Tyger King of kings

    Same old Carr bruh. Relax fanboy!

Gabriel Ramirez

Hope you have a great year Derek! Good luck to you and the rest of the team!

Roland orantez

Love it how he was telling the truth about his players are in a top 100… sticky with his guys it’s hard not to follow somebody like DC’s one hell of a

omar a

DC is been apart of the raiders for so long that the team cant be the same without him


I hope Carr gets that Gannon anger. Where he rips a team mate if need be.

David Hernandez

Hope you perform the best you ever have this year, we have the team to make a great run.

Aaron Sepulveda

That’s my QB1 right there! Raiders are really going to surprise a lot of people. Carr and the boys have been working hard all off season like there isn’t even a pandemic going on. Nobody opting out of the season tells you that everybody’s all in and in the same paige. I love this team and can’t wait for everybody to eat their words. Go Raiders!


Remover this guy’s my Raiders are winning the next super bowl!!! Cuz the house always wins!!!!


Youtube blokd me from live

Undea Khann

Start at 1:47

Christian Rodriguez

Let’s go!!! He just hyped me up for this season

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