Raiders Live: GM Mike Mayock Presser – 8.25.20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Raiders Live: GM Mike Mayock Presser – 8.25.20

General Manager Mike Mayock addresses the media from Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Henderson, Nev.

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Mood Booster Reply

*Raiders* Who all are waiting. Give a like must these parent’s live 100 year !!!

West Weir Reply

Love seeing Mayock in a Raider bucket hat!

Tyger King of kings Reply

Not having preseason games should benefit us since we always do great in preseason and later on around 3, 4 weeks in the regular season is when teams start beating us like a step child.

doomsday Reply

In Mayock I trust! RN4L 🏴‍☠️

silver black Reply

One of the best moves this organization has ever made ,he will bring back the greatness of the raiders .


    AGREE 110%

    JayDub Reply


    Anthony Torres Reply

    Making Al Davis proud mike !

    Steven Sullivan Reply

    @LASVEGAS RAIDERS Took the words right out of my mouth. Bravo.

    Steven Sullivan Reply

    I love Mike as soon as Antonio disrespected him I wanted him GONE

Twan John Jr. Reply

Love listening to this guy speak, he fires me up.

Arturo Banuelos Reply

I’d test our GM for that shortness of breath

Matthew Wilson Reply

That’s my GM right there

TheGoon Kid Reply

Man I been a raider fan my whole life so since 96 and I haven’t been more happy for a season we can really do good things this team actually have real talent

    Jay Raider Reply

    We talent brotha and depth

Jswin Reply

Who’s the little weenie that comes here to dislike the video??

    Diego Lopez Reply

    Non existent chargers fans

Jason Raider Reply

Where would we be without this man

    Lew Sifer Reply

    One more year. Aaron Rodgers is coming to Vegas. Mayock is working on it.

Marcel Harnois Reply

Hiring Mayock is the best decision Gruden has made during this coaching stint. Mayock has the mental makeup and eye for talent the Raider organization has lacked since Ron Wolf left the Raiders for the Packers.

AkumaCode Reply

The more coverage we get of preparation prior to a season in 2020, the more I realize how important a preseason is for a team’s eval process and how positive an impact it makes on UDFAs, rookies, media, and fans. Yeah it sucks to see a player go down during preseason, but they could’ve gotten injured doing any random thing in life

JayDub Reply

mayock stopped by the gear pile today lol looking good haha

Foust Foust Reply

This guy has been lights out since he got here. People laughed at the choice because he was a “tv guy,” but Mayock was a great hire and a great foil for Gruden.

King Savage Reply

Mike Mayock is the best thing to ever happen too the raiders in a long time☠️☠️☠️

Sonny Jeffers Reply

Absolutely love me some Mayock. Great oratory skills while simply giving it to you straight and in a way everyone can understand…🖤☠

Jay Raider Reply

Mike Mayock is one of the best GM’s and he’s just started. We will return back to term of


Sexy Siren Reply

Mike Mayock💀💀💀 Love this GENIUS;) Very blessed to have him part of the Raiders organization. The way he carries himself and talks about his team I love his energy. This man knows football. Inside and out. Let’s have a great season coach and win games. In Mayock I trust😎 Let’s go Raiders!!! RN4L💀🏴💀🏴

Zach Carpenter Reply

Reggie was amazing when he first got here too, it’s gotta last this time

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