Raiders highlights: Best plays from Super Bowl XI | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE



pick up jalen ramsey

Rich Pine


CooledRaptor279 lol

The Raiders are coming watch

Anthony Benedetti

Wow look at all the legendary players on the field. Just win, baby!

Say When

I was 14, sitting on a foot stool 4 feet from the TV, .. *My Hands were SWEATING!!!*

    Zaykia King

    What would a raider video be without you in the comments with a kneeslapper

bill hawk

Yep I always have to look at 35 years an back to see my raiders winning


man, the moves these players had after the catch

Joshua scott

Rip snake the best QB we had Go raiders

    Joshua scott

    And ima miss cliff branch

jonathan ramos

I’m tired of looking at our past Glory years 😒

    Jack Tate

    Yet you are here watching.

Jack Tate

The Raiders dominated in their super bowl wins.

Byron Mendez

Carr will never take the Raiders to a superbowl! Draft a qb this year!!

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