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Kevin J

With the odds against us, we desperately need to win this game. The Bears dont have Trubisky and their offense is below average even if they had him. Our o-line needs to protect Carr, Josh Jacobs needs to run all over that defense and eat up, Gruden and Cable need to have great playcalling, Carr needs to throw the ball safely and not take risky throws or it WILL be an interception, and our receivers need to show up. Our defense needs to put pressure on the QB. If these things all happen, we WILL win this game.

    Is He Izzy

    Man, I’m literally shaking in anticipation for this game…I know the Bears are damn tough, but something inside tells me we got this…RN4L JUSTWINBABY

    Kevin J

    @Is He Izzy same here bro. Our offensive line has done a damn well job if you ask me, and they’re going to get really tested this Sunday. I’m praying that none of our players get injured, especially our o-line going up against that defense and Carr. We need to shut those Bears fans up indefinitely

    Is He Izzy

    @Kevin J Amen brother

    Chris Tragedia

    There offense is below average? Or they played 3 top 5 defense.. 2 and 1 vs them and there offense blew out the number 20 defense . So below avg ? No… Let’s not forget Carr is below avg by your standards . Rodgers 10 points.. cousins 6 points. Carr 0 points.

    Kevin J

    @Chris Tragedia Carr is definitely not below average when he’s 3x ProBowler, made the NFL 100 3x, broke the Raiders franchise record for most passing yards and completions, almost broke the NFL record for most passes without an interception (last year when he had one of the worst ranked recieving cores and worst ranked offensive lines which resulted in him being a top 5 sacked QB – he was sacked 52 times), 2016 Comeback Player of the Year, most 4th quarter comeback wins in NFL history, ranked as the most accurate deep passer of not only last year but of the last 3 years, MVP candidate of 2016, etc.. and currently he’s literally ranked 2nd in completion rate. Also yes, anybody with common sense knows that the Bears offense is below average. They have decent rungame but nothing that puts up good numbers per week, the receiving core are a bunch of nobodies and the QB is usually ranked in the late 10s or 20s for most of his stats. Before his injury he was ranked 27th/32 in the league.

Joaquin360pops -roblox

RaiderNation all day. Let’s win this!

Kevin J

The Autumn Wind is a pirate
Blustering in from sea,

With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,

Swaggering boisterously.

His face is weather beaten.

He wears a hooded sash,

With a silver hat about his head,

And a bristling black mustache.

He growls as he storms the country,

*A villain big and bold.*

And the trees all shake and quiver and quake, As he robs them of their gold.

*The Autumn Wind is a raider,*

Pillaging just for fun.
He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,

*And laugh when he’s conquered and won.*

    Is He Izzy

    If you’re in the Nation and you don’t know this by heart…

Captain Smoke

0:45 I watched coach trying to cover waller 200 times lmao


    Captain Smoke lmao gruden was playing the inside talking smack

    Captain Smoke

    @Steve lmao the smack talk was the best part lmao He wasn’t giving up the inside

    Undea Khann

    “You can’t get in here,” LOL. He was right!

Eric Cash

Raiders 23. bears 146 final score

    Danny Reyes

    Lol thats alot of field goals

    Chris Tragedia

    @Charles appalachia raiders give up like 30 a game .and bears give up 10 a game.. you need more math.

    Chris Tragedia

    @Danny Reyes raiders d couldn’t stop a peewee team.

    Danny Reyes

    @Chris Tragedia πŸ™„

    Charles appalachia

    @Chris Tragedia you could put the bears offense on the field by itself and I don’t think it could score 30

joel franco

Just gotta score on them n pressure their qb get creative though


Free Burfict

Ali Rodriguez


bill hawk

Run the living hell outta the ball with Jacob’s!!

Joshua scott

Im happy but not yet untill we beat the gummy bears

young Mendoza

Let’s do this Oakland Raiders were in London let’s show the world we live in excellence πŸ†

Andrew Hall

While I support playing overseas, the flight to London is such a long one for both teams, I feel like every team should have 1 game in London during the season. If they don’t, the teams that play out there are at a sizable disadvantage. The Oakland to London Flight is about 11 hours. Going both directions that 22 hours. That is a long time to be on a plane in a single week.

Christopher Marcek

Well i hope this London game isn’t like the last few. Its put up or shut up! If all else fails jus don’t let Khalil Mack tear Carr to peices

Bad Ass Of The Week

bears 21 – raiders 13 see y’all after the bye, go raiders!

    Chris Tragedia

    Raiders 6

Metal Vault

I hope Jacobs gets 30 carries…smashmouth the Bears! JUST WIN BABY!

    Chris Tragedia

    Cook got 30 carries 40 yards and destroyed in pass blocking . He was the league leader in both before he played Chicago.

Abraham Pablo

“You can’t get in here”.

Ashley R

Who’s going on Sunday? yeeee

Joseph Duran

Shout out to all Raider Nation in London. Y’all always show up and support!! Hope the Raiders finally get a W there. RN4L!!!!

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