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Keith Lubin

Can we please have a better week so I can fly to London hopeful.

    Bad Ass Of The Week

    we always lose in london lol….

Danny Reyes

Dammit NATION we need a W

Marty McFlie

Carr be throwing checkdowns in practice too smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    Bro it’s the playcalling.. ya mans Greg Olson is dog shite

    Marty McFlie

    Grudens playcalling not Greg Olsen


    What i thought of the vid too dink and dunkin.


    Facts Gruden is calling the shots. He needs to let Olsen do his thing


    Should have brought Gruden back to be the head cheerleader not the head coach!

Santonio W.

Just f***ing win. Can you do that please?

    Daniel Hebert

    Santonio W. Pray for the secondary and Carr to do their best lol

    Hamid Mohammad

    I get the feeling we are gonna lose this colts game also man…


    Hamid Mohammad how come the truth always hurts?

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

leh go RAIDERS !!! DOMINATE!!!

Michael Thomas

Nothing really special 🤷🏾‍♂️


I like to win not hours of work out and end up losing .


TUA garbage compare to HERBERT ,,,, Herbert got and arm and he’s mobile and ain’t afraid to take a hit ,,,, look at his highlights and you see what I’m talking about .

    Joshua scott

    But Tua throws good deep balls

Bad Ass Of The Week

since we don’t have a #2 wide. might as well use waller at receiver. he can play the jimmy graham role back in his prime years with the saints. jj nelson at slot and hope for the best. 4-12 5-11 i’ll be happy. go raiders

Joe Alonso

Straight up sorry but we got to get rid of Greg Olsen

Thomas Latimer

It almost makes you think we’re a good team

    Tyger King of kings

    The media is a powerful thing. It can brainwash people into thinking whatever it is they want you to think, and they do it more often than people think, but the truth is far from what they make people believe.

    kamui Cage

    @Tyger King of kings The Media cant MAKE you believe they are a good team some fans CHOSE to drink the kool-aid don’t blame the media

    Tyger King of kings

    @kamui Cage The media can make you believe whatever it is they want you to believe, believe it or not but that’s a proven fact. With that being said some people do choose to drink the koolaid.

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

    add some good edits and some festival edm trap. and they think they’re good. 😆😆😆😆😆🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    This is embarrassing, especially because i already know what the product will look like on sunday.


    Look at all the brainwashed lefties! And they let the Dems media outlets just keep doing it even after they are exposed!

Rah Money

Still throwing them short 2-3 yrd passes smh!!!

    Joshua scott

    Ikr omg we gonna lose

Steven Villa

All I saw was slants and Jacob’s that we ain’t gonna use

Gains for Me

Did y’all see Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz make plays with their feet tonight OMG and these guys have battled numerous injuries in their career and played like they haven’t missed a step. SMH while Carr plays scared with no effort at all.

    Michael V-B II

    Gains for Me be careful, you’re gonna upset the Carr groupies. They don’t like facts.

    Gains for Me

    Michael V-B II facts over feelings lol I used to defend him but now I cannot. He misses open guys, doesn’t take any chances anymore, no effort in extending plays…🤦🏻‍♂️ our Carr has hit a wall.

    Byron Mendez

    carr has been scarred since his injury, damaged goods

    Gains for Me

    Byron Mendez it’s time to move one. Hopefully we can go after Herbert in the next draft!

Marcos Lepe

Carr checking down in practice too!!! Wtf

Junior Moreno

Honestly can’t even picture any more dubs this season

Joshua scott

Why is Carr doing checkdowns in practice bruh we about to lose again 😂😂😂😂


Just waiting for Indy to sit perfectly under all our short passing concepts. It’s too easy. Gruden needs to start calling better plays.

freddy zamaripa

Olsen and his ability to be totally predictable (again with the raiders) and BAsic, are whats gonna keep us back

freddy zamaripa

Olsen and his ability to be totally predictable (again with the raiders) and BAsic, are whats gonna keep us back

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