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    Juan Galvan

    Why we are ready got big depth in are DB room. I think we are fine


    I rather have someone like berry than erik harris

    Juan Galvan

    @RattPackguy Harris is a great player like we got to play with what we got until we down more player. Don’t get me wrong berry is amazing but I want us to keep and teach I want young guys to prove they deserve to be here

    Oakland Native

    rather have hard hittin 6’4 george iloka who knows gunther defense

    Keenan Mossiah

    1 year deal

Juan Galvan

Doss #18 now great number


Go Raider Nation 👍🏽


Glad to see Conley Back. lets go Raider Nation

Leslie Arellano

Come on man let’s win this 🖤


    yeah senorita


    @cortezmauricio56 F the Chiefs

Raider Chris

Go Raiders, kick the queefs butt

Derek Carr

“Let’s go murder these chiefs at home one last time”

    Pro 2nd

    Yes I’ll be at this game as well that would be the best to walk away with a another win against a AFC rival for last time in Oakland

    Junior Manzo

    We just need to take away #87 and lock down Watkins. I think we can pull it off, score fast and run the ball kill the clock and don’t let pat mahomes get on the field.. anything is possible.

No where Man!

Thanks Gruden for that great team depth.

    jay fairman

    Yeah something feels different about this team in a good way

Max Sanchez

I’ll loose it if we beat the chiefs.


    I’m losing it with you👍


    Max Sanchez be prepared to

    jay fairman

    We will

    Max Sanchez

    jay fairman catch me in an insane asylum Monday lol

    Tim Burgess

    Don’t worry about beating the Chiefs. lol

Hector Segovia

Liked video @ 101-0 dislikes


Let’s Goooooo

It’s been two years.. LETS SMASH THEM CHIEFS.


we beat the chiefs we will be a playoffs team


    ACTIVISION: GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD chiefs won 35-3 last time they played

    The raiders made playoffs last season right

    No they didn’t they finish with lest the 7 wins yet again


    The raiders can’t get to 8 wins to save their lives

    So stop

    The raiders have been a joke since 2003
    No playoffs since 03

    So plz don’t talk


    @IJeffChiefsKingdom Actually the raiders did make it to wildcard back in early 2016 – 2017 season, and the only reason we lost that one was because carr was injured, but now we are looking to claim a spot in the playoffs, just wait and see

    Bobby Brax

    IJeffChiefsKingdom wanna bet on this game ? I got $10,000 on raiders if you’re down with it


    @Bobby Brax I bet he too scared to take it, because our offense are gonna slip through his defense with ease, and our defense will destroy his offense


Run the ball, pa to Williams and Grant.

    younged 510

    @TrueGaming1 did you see how wide open Hunter Renfro was when he ran the shallow routes, too bad it was thrown behind. otherwise that was a TD.. Carr got WR this year and a good RB.. defense still needs work but you know teams who usually goes to the playoffs/Superbowl usually have decent Defense only..

    younged 510

    @TrueGaming1 I’m excited this WR/TE core is better then Cooper and Crabtree era.. but it’s only first game hopefully well see how well they play vs Chiefs..


    @younged 510 yes, this whole team is way better. I think they can beat the chiefs with their offense alone. The defense is really good as well.


    @younged 510 let’s get this win at home!


    @younged 510 Carr knows how to beat the chiefs so does Gruden. Wr’ s will be good!

Christopher F

Let’s go Raiders! Beat the Chefs!

Nathan Lucci

Curious to see how the defense stacks up this week with abrams being out. Watkins will definitely be KC’s number one and kelce number 2 with hill being out. Hopefully Conley is up for it. I’d like to see him shut down Watkins and Joyner or a LB shut down Kelce. If the D shows up to play, we can definitely get that W.

Manny Flo

i think we got are swagger back⚔☠⚔

Me and You Hello

Division game! Lets lock it in team! 2-0 division

John Robertson

Love the Raiders all the way from Alloa Scotland

Steve Cardoso

Would be great to see the raiders go undefeated at home for the season as a thanks to the best fanbase in the world ! Go raiders !

Six Foot Four Mike

One day at time. Go Raiders. Reppin’ the nation in Florida.

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