Raiders Alumni Honored for 60th Season in London – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Raiders Alumni Honored for 60th Season in London

were on the field with the unveiling of banners to represent each decade since the ’s conception.

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Legends! 💪 RN4L ☠

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Your editor has some nice element 3d skills. i see you. 👀👀👀👀

Richard Prudhomme

Wish Marcel Reece could still play with the team.

    Raul Padilla

    Yea but I like alec ingold new generation radier nation

    Jeff Miles

    John Ritchie was the man

    Just _Ice

    Raul Padilla Yeah I love Alec! He’s been playing great! I hope he can show me some flashes of Marcel. So far, I’d say he has 💪🏾

    Rex Russell

    Richard Prudhomme I agree. I wish Marcel had been used more when he was on the team, too.

    •Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop•

    @Just _Ice Damn you make me feel old I was in hs during that gannon era lol

Lewdogr Lew

The NFL really messed us over! Not only do they take away a home game from Oakland, but they honor the Raiders legends in London!? SMH

    jesus velasco

    And its was the return of mack too, NFL really dropped the ball this time

    Jorge Munoz

    It’s all it’s all hype with the construction of the new NFL circus style stadium that the bears and Raiders played in it sounds like the NFL is planning future franchise expansion in London which to me personally is preposterous but….


I really miss Marcel Reece


    TARKATAN WARKAMP I feel like he would’ve thrived in the system we have right now.

    William james

    Same here


    Reece Bush and McFadden was a very tantalizing trio for wild cat when that was a big thing


    I love his attitude , how much he reps the team , the respect he has for AL & how much pride he played with. best fullback in the league when he was with us..

    Jovany H

    TARKATAN WARKAMP one of the best full backs.

Pablo Gomez

Raiders the only organization that actually celebrate their past players every year. That’s the Al Davis way

    Matthew Duran

    Lou Zer it’s called showing respect

    Cold HEARTED

    @Lou Zer keep grinding your teeth in envy hahahahahahahahaaaaa

    Lou Zer

    Cold HEARTED what envy stupid??? U have to be good to have ppl envious of u lmfao u have to be good to be hated on, nobody gives af about the Raitards acting like you’re the Patriots or something 🤣🤣🤣

    Cold HEARTED

    @Lou Zer Who cares what you think….. youre asian hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaa

    Esai Morales

    @Cold HEARTED lol gottem

Adrian_ AG RAIDER _4Life

Man if that doesn’t give you chills than you are not a Raider Fan! RN4L!

jay oakes

Mark VanEeghan you are a Raider Legend!

Cliff Moore


Cliff Moore

Love my Raiders

Joseph Mendes

I’m so happy seeing marcel there

javier arreola

The great Jim Plunkett! 2 Superbowls rings and not yet in the HOF. SMFH!!!😠😡


    javier arreola hes a lock this year i think, 20 inductees

eduardo pineda

Wish they would of done this in Oakland smh


    eduardo pineda True!

Poppa WoLFF

Why on earth are they doing this overseas?? Shoukd bee in
Just saying..👎


Raider Nation Legends!

Eddie Rivera

Love Plunkett 2 super bowl championship’s and not in the HOF damn shame!

Thomas Henderson

Here’s a good ??? Will Legendary Raiders Greats be on the ring of honor in Las Vegas?

James Belkin

Why couldn’t they have saved this ceremony for a real home game in Oakland, where they really could have been appreciated.

Gen Franco vel Russex

Sebastian Janikowski also miss 😀

Jose Tenorio

Love that Reece is an alumni! Dude was a our only pro bowler during the midieval age of the silver and black

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