Raekwon McMillan feeling good coming back to practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pete Martinez

100% healthy ok thanks 52 Bring that pain

    Tecumseh Grainger

    Hope this young man can contribute, some say he isn’t a scheme fit..

    Ryan Minnis

    The only one that matters Flores said thats bs ; exact words were if you make plays you fit his scheme

Logan Hampton

Flores and Grier dnt even no what’s going on

    Pete Martinez

    Logan Hampton 🔥🔥

Rebecca Jackson

That’s some real shade at the end lol

    Temo Palmer

    Yep, imo the whole offseasons has been about Flores testing all of them to commit to the team no matter what. Ballsy strategy for a new HC. Flores straight tossed Stills to the curb for not being team first

Thomas Hill

All you can do is pray at this point

Out of many One

In Phins I Trust.

Dolphin Junkie

cut him
hot garbage

    Temo Palmer

    Bulldogs dogs have more lateral quickness


GO Dolphins


Good luck this season. No, seriously, Good luck.

Temo Palmer

We’ll see if he is really a player or not this season. Go out a prove it bro…you are not good enough to be caught up in your feelings

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