Radio Heads: Debut Episode | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Radio Heads: Debut Episode | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Tyler Clutts, Brad Sham and Kristi Scales recap the Cowboys 3-0 start in the first episode of Radio Heads!

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serg74ful Reply

Ayyy I’ve always liked Tyler Clutts good for him 👍

Justin Ichikawa Reply

Good for Tyler. Always remember his positivity on the team

freshprince512 Reply

Turned it off when you guys started defending Jeff Heath.

    Kenneth Banks Reply

    What’s wrong with JH

    Shorty Reply

    Lol he’s not even THAT bad, stfu.

    Mike Macias Reply

    Well GTFO

teampenn2007 Reply

I like this show

J-Macmusic Reply

Great debut 💪🏽🤘🏽

Anthony Lee Reply

Brad Sham likes to hear hisself talk, just rambles on and on..

    HemmHon Reply

    You gotta glean the good stuff in what he says.

Anthony Lee Reply


Steven Otero Reply

Is there an audio only RSS feed for this show and the Players Lounge?

Jorge Hernandez Reply

Great show 👍

Red Leader Reply

This is good stuff. I’ll put this on when I can’t sleep.

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