Quinton Jefferson Joins The Buffalo Bills! | Bills Press Conferences – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Quinton Jefferson Joins The Buffalo Bills! | Bills Press Conferences

Free agent Quinton Jefferson joins the Buffalo Bills and addressed the media for the first time on May 21, 2020. Topics included: how excited he is to be a Bill, what he likes about the Bills' culture, and how happy he is to be back on the east coast.

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Pantheon God Reply

Let’s go Bills mafia

LB TV Reply

to all who say there first
you’re not first,
you’re not last
but lastly…
no one asked😎😎😎

R Dub Reply

Great singing

Caleb DesJardins Reply

Definitely one of the best lines in the league

James Snee Reply

Vic… baby… not so close to the camera.

Prof Gainz Reply

Imagine being a run heavy offense and having to see a DL of Jefferson, Star, Butler, and Epenesa… Nobody has an OL that can handle a DL with that much size

    Dustin Mccoy Reply

    Oliver ?

    Dan Martin Reply

    @Dustin Mccoy ed Oliver

    Prof Gainz Reply

    @Dan Martin While guys like Oliver and Hughes are very good against the run, they are a bit undersized, my point in building this line was to put together one of the largest 4 man fronts in NFL history

    Dan Martin Reply

    @Prof Gainz i gotcha

billsfan7883 Reply

Beane & McD know what they’re looking for! It’s uncanny how much all of their draft picks & free agents sound the same. All these guys seem to be down to earth, cool guys.

2004 ALCS Reply

No excuses this year. Super bowl.

MrPcoz Reply

Yooooooo! Lets gooooooo!

Erin Freize Reply

Creative four man rushes, speedy smart linebackers and backs that can shut down any long threat will result in the best pass defense in the league, plus massive improvement against the run. This defense is scary, and they shouldn’t need to bail out the offense as much. Oliver’s miscues will give new guys more opportunities, then he’ll bolster a solid d line when he returns.

Ken Simmons Reply

The departure from One Bills Live by John Murphy is awful. Just awful. What the heck happened!?

    Philip DeerHunter Reply

    Whatd he do?

DJ Tommy Goods Reply

Welcome to Buffalo Q I’m shocked!

Thunder Nugget Reply

Yo Quin,… Coach ain’t playin, you got to earn field time.

Mike Miller Reply

6:41 you’re welcome

Kevin Wilson Reply

Imagine being a rookie RB and the first defense you have to go against is buffalo 😂

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