Quick hits from Ben’s Day | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Quick hits from Ben’s Day | Pittsburgh Steelers

Hear from Ben Roethlisberger, Sean Davis, Joe Haden and Donte Moncrief as Missi Matthews breaks down everything you need to know from Wednesday's media sessions.

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Nate Seidler

Go Pitt


I hate brown

UMC Dubs

Brown is such a Drama King


“The sky is blue, birds have wings….” Deep. Ben might be ready for Tomlins job.

Most High Michael

We’re not 0-4 so it’s not that bad. #LoserTalk from the field general. πŸ™„

    Daniel Garcia

    No, we lost by 30 points…that’s bad! πŸ˜•


    he wasn’t excusing their loss by referencing their 0-4 start a few years ago. he was simply stating that your first game doesn’t define how your season will go. and that 0-4 start to the season was a good example, as they bounced back from that.

    victor toombs

    Let’s hope this doesn’t define the Steelers season because that was the worst performance they’ve had in 5 years. Smh.

    victor toombs


    Most High Michael

    @Yaahboi52 I long for a team that fights to win every single time that they step on the field. Preseason, postseason and everything in between… Not some ho hum aww shucks we’ll get em next time 8-8 get curb stomped by Tebow jagoffs. But that’s just me. I learned football from Noll not Tomlin.

Clay Bolton

It’s not brown fault it’s Ben fault



STEELERS Pittsburgh

Time to bounce back and get a win at home.
Here we go Steelers πŸ‘

atown Ish

Brown and brady are watching netflix in bradys bedroom


I hope the defense woke up after this game. offense struggled but they have ben on that side to mitigate things. the defense is still really young & inexperienced and that showed sunday. need to build better communication. multiple reports said the players were shook when the patriots started shifting guys and they didn’t really know how to adjust to it. gotta be better.

victor toombs

Easy fix for the Steelers. Fire all the coaches including Tomlin. Doing the same thing against the Patriots every year and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Tomlin is way overrated.

OsoArrogant 1

Y’all take Sean Davis for granted. He played really good last year, but y’all still ungrateful.

Frank Herrera

Oh wow Ben! Great idea. Let’s start 0-4 again. Better yet, 0-16. First pick of draft, and we finally get rid of the most unprepared coach in modern history.

you're right

Juju did well. The other guys need to step up and fill that #2 role.

Lane Michael

we will go and win the superbowl

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