Quandre Diggs on facing Mahomes – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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TeeGrizzleyBear Reply

Texas vs Texas Tech, is Diggs gonna be Pats first INT? 🤔


Diggs gonna pick mahomes

Jeneral GBerry Reply

Not wishing for anybody to get hurt but i do wanna see Diggs hit Mahomes like this again (follow link).https://youtu.be/PYCqQVX01-E LETS SHOCK THE WORLD!! ONE PRIDE OR DON’T RIDE 💪🏾🦁

FootClann 004 Reply

Anyone remember the Rams vs Lions game last year? We have a shot

    Bruce Klein Reply

    @Thunder/Lions Fan Reminder your Quarterback is Matt Stafford nuff said

    Firezap14 Reply

    @Bruce Klein one of the best at 4th quarter comebacks? Any qb can score on that KC defense no problem.

    Thunder/Lions Fan Reply

    Bruce Klein and dont forget, last time yall came to ford field it was 48-3, nuff said

    FootClann 004 Reply

    @Bruce Klein spotted the fantasy football fan

Lion’s Lee Reply

i smell an INT for Mahomes this week! we may still lose! but i smell an INT lol

    GeorgeWKush Reply

    Lion’s Lee nah have some confidence in the men. we definitely have a shot.

    Lion’s Lee Reply

    GeorgeWKush yeah buddy that’s why I said “may”. I’m ready for it!!!

    shane taylor Reply

    you going to hang your hat on a INT 😂😂.

Clark Mane Reply

I think we take a L, especially if no Slay but it will be closer than expected.

Scott McClellan Reply

I refuse to make a prediction. The Lions are too unpredictable (especially when at home, they are “capable” of upsetting any team on any given day) That said Win, Lose, Or draw My goal is for this to be a hard fought close game because if the Lions can do that I will feel good about our chances to get 10-11 wins this year. I was looking at the teams we play and frankly IF we beat the teams that are obviously inferior and split the division we will win 10. then a swing game would be Dallas, Again honestly if we play this game WELL no matter the outcome I will begin to believe we have a chance to do well this year.

big lea Reply

Look he know ABOUT the track shoes he got to have on lol

yayo badass Reply

Chiefs r very beatable any team cn loose with that being said I think dis goin be a shootout

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