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Yung Melon


Sojo R

Oh hell no!! Aborting!

Paul G

Dak Prescott would be a target on that trade from Zach’s bench.
Cowboy’s defense No brainer vs Dolphins
David Johnson is the key to leads in the game.
To Kyle: We have to show DJ in the offense more
They need to keep the defense honest. Once that
is done play action will take off for Kyler.


you don’t TELL everyone you need to drop your entire line-up (NO-ONE is safe), then try to trade them lisa. LOL … ya gotta try and up-sell’em. DONT do it Kyle.

    Lisa Charisse Matthews

    HE DID IT! ha ha when you’re 0-2 like us…you get desperate. 🤣


    @Lisa Charisse Matthews Yay, Lisa! Girl power! I’m 2-0 in my league. Playing against my grandson this week; he has Lamar, but I have Dak. It kills him when his mom or I beat him. We’re the only 2 females in the league, & we’re #1 & 2. Good luck!

    Lisa Charisse Matthews

    @esterixis GET IT!!! I’m feeling good about this week 🙂

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