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    Phenom AL


angel martinez

First one

Total Family Gaming

First let’s go Broncos

Flippant Booch

Let’s get it

Matthew Allen

Lets go Kevin Hogan! Dont sleep on this man!

Matthew Rix

He’s in a rough spot, hopefully he can show of for the 31 other teams in the league to be a solid backup maybe even starter for teams like Redskins or Tampa bay

    Matthew Rix

    @chris turner what a weird reaction you’ve just had to a pretty inane comment.

    chris turner

    I’m a gangster to so don’t play with me

LockedandLoaded Fantasy Sports

It’s about time

Bobby Vincent

Good Luck Hogan

Samlan Khonesavanh

the man is good quarter back give him a chance


He’s going to throw for 4,000+ yards with 25+ TDS and lead us to the SB with 15 wins this year. Kevin Hogan 4 life!




    CAYNE247 facts he the goat 🐐

    Jeff Garcia

    CAYNE247 yea he’s not the starter for our team joe is

    kevin stein

    I’m thinking 5,000 and 40 TD’S

Cliff Hanger

Hoges is very mature for his age. By listening to him you could almost believe he’s the future at QB.

Rosa Nieto

Show us what u have n prove us u have the tools n heart to play with the Denver country we have hope but we always have faith n we open our heart to every new rookies n the love of the game since 1960 we had to love n support to our player n the staff much love big fan hope for the best this seasons we started with used uniform and yellow n black sucks lol 1960 n later on by year pass they had burned the guly suck lol but I love the team let go Denver broncos country

The Discussion

All I got from this title is “Drew Lock will take Kevin Hogan’s spot on the depth chart”

    Aryan Sb

    @The Discussion Fax bro, Lock’s our QB!

    Cubecraft Banned

    @The Discussion lol practice squad? You don’t pay 100k to a practice squad player😂 are you braindead? He wouldn’t last 30 seconds on waivers😂😂

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Aryan Sb That was all autism. It doesn’t matter the level of competition you face if you’re trash the entire time. Lock was embarrassed and dominated in college. The opposite is true for Rypien. Mahomo wasn’t even close to as raw as lock is. Lock is lynch 2.0 and he’ll be cut before his rookie deal is up. He’s just trash

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Aryan Sb oof I bet you’re feeling pretty ashamed right now huh

    Cubecraft Banned

    @The Discussion LOL I told you bud but you wouldn’t stop😂😂 now you’re crying in a corner out of embarrassment😂😂😂

Vlad Laz

Ball out and be our backup while Lock develops

    Vlad Laz

    Jeff Garcia Watch some college football before talking

    Vlad Laz

    Cubecraft Banned That would be ideal but I’m not sure Lock and Rypien are ready

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Vlad Laz lock definitely isn’t lol. We haven’t seen almost anything of Rypien but just based off of what Hogan and lock have done it’s probably safe to assume Rypien is the most ready

    Vlad Laz

    Cubecraft Banned Hogan is the most ready but we will see in the preseason. I just hope Rypien doesn’t end up like Kyle Sloter. Kyle had an amazing preseason and still didn’t make the roster… not saying they’re the same but Rypien is in a tough spot

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Vlad Laz He’s not. At all. Everyone knows what Hogan is. He’s a terrible QB who is third string material at best. He’s not the most ready. If Rypien gets a fair shot at the backup spot it’s his. We’ll see if that happens

George Panagiotou

Die hard ravens fan here.. Just giving my respects to the Broncos I hope they do well especially my boy Joe Flacco. #5

    kevin stein

    Thank you and your Ravens also


I hope the Broncos give Joe a fair shot. The Ravens fans are not happy he left. We know the real deal.

Jeff Garcia

Show them who boss

Word Life

“What you ganna do when Kevin Hogan runs wild on you brother?”


I really hope Hogan does well, so Lock can have TIME. ———- He needs time! ——-and, we need a reliable back-up. ———————WolfSky9, 72 y/o


Hogan will end up QB2 at the start of the season. Paxton Lock will need to sit back at QB3

    Jeff Garcia

    webmoss it’s drew lock


    Jeff Garcia Apparently you don’t get it…

    Quinn Sample

    I said the same thing he played
    Like A Paxton LYNCH

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