Q&A Episode 4 | Davon Godchaux feat. Jakeem Grant – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jon Jonson Reply

Grant you should have caught that deep one from Josh son!! Com on man!!!!

Avatar last niggaBender Reply

Y’all need to win cause I’m not trying to go 0-16

Terrance McCray Reply

MJ All Day!!…nice vid👍👍

Shane Simpson Reply

Come on Godchaux MJ bro! I loved this, Louisiana boys love them crawfish.

Stefan Kosikowski Reply

Stud… please keep this one Mr Grier.

Horus Allegory Reply

We’ll agree to disagree. This generation of football players weren’t old enough to live, and watch Micheal Jordan play. The Chicago Bulls were perfection. When it’s (CHAMPIONSHIP TIME)!!! No one beat them PERIOD!!!!! Great video of this generation’s players keep it up!!!

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