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Jt Williams Reply

That Redskins rookie, McLaurin, though. Looks like an All Pro out there. Bears should have schemed to stop that man

Levi Harrington Reply

Should have won by 50 team has got to keep foot on the gas in second half no reason for Redskins to creep back need to run the ball and give the D some rest.

    D Greene Reply

    Exactly! Unfortunately, my fear came true. They took the foot off the pedal after that 2nd Dix int and D played too long. Finger crossed due to Hicks injury.

    William Koscielniak Reply

    We would have been up 35-9 if Mitch didn’t throw that utterly awful interception in the redzone. I don’t like that our D was getting abused after that pick, but the pick really fucked up our chance to bury the team. Fortunately the D came up with the huge turnover at the end and Montgomery kept moving the chains to end the game.

daniel padilla Reply

they love interviewing the weakest link on the defense? this guy is one of the most penalized corners in the league because he’s slow and can’t catch up! terry mclaurin was giving him free lunch and won’t be the last time he gets ate up! diggs and thielen are coming to town! man we need to upgrade!

    Mase Stanley Reply

    @Steve B U got that right fuller is overrated 💯

    daniel padilla Reply

    there I agree with! always felt fuller would be a better #2 cb than a #1! yeah we really don’t have a lockdown corner and that’s something we need to fix but the draft is loaded with CB’s and even thought ramsey is a beast we don’t have the capital to trade for him! and you’re right it was a mistake to resign prince! great guy but I want football players that can lock down opponents!

    Steve B Reply

    daniel padilla yea but those lick down CB are hard to find and even harder to lock them up long term since the price tag is so high. Fuller and prince will do fine since we have a good front 7 but neither will be that CB that locks down a good WR . Bears will be hard pressed for cash in the next couple years so we won’t have a stud at every position so we as geeedy fans will have to deal with a couple average players

    daniel padilla Reply

    totally agree man! good thing this is amukamara’s last year on the bears! prince will be a cap casualty!

    Steve B Reply

    daniel padilla say good thing he will be gone but who are they going to replace him with? Well for less money and more talent! Unless one of them rookies they drafted makes a HUGE step for next year cause none of them looked good in preseason at all

J P Reply

Got respect for this guy! Great attitude and awsome personality! Elevate to be Great my guy! Bear Family!

immasoxfanbaby Reply

Club dub official restaurant stirring up the pot of stew

Gama-Yushi Wasabi Reply

Please get rid of this dude he is flat out trash!! He soft, he slow, he always get beat!!

    Sean Crosby Reply

    And replace him with who? Our defense is playing really well with him in. Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Sakagee.T9 Reply

The scariest secondary in the league 🐻⬇️

Trevor Fox Reply

Aye lemmie help you with some life insurance.

Louie LoPresto Reply

I hope Mitch is angry about what Green Bay had to say about him. I hope he dots them up

cubs win Reply

Illegal hands to the face call was a giant load of crap!

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