Preston Williams excited for first game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tyler B Reply

Let’s go dolphins

Felix RKO Reply

How many games are we going to win this year?

    Bradley Butler Reply

    Maybe if y’all had an ok QB you’d break .400 but I say y’all go 3-13

    Travis UM dolphins Reply

    This a new year and new season. Y’all stop saying we winning 1 or 2 games fake fans

    Bradley Butler Reply

    Travis UM dolphins I’m not a “fake fan” b/c I’m not a dolphin fan, o just am looking into Preston Williams because he’s my sleeper in fantasy

    Travis UM dolphins Reply

    @Bradley Butler sorry bout that lol I thought you was that dude hating

Mason Theis Reply


RB Blanco Reply

He cheesing so hard tryna not tell the media that he starting Sunday 🐬🐬🐬🐬 let’s go Preston show Devante how u live up to that potential

    Marky Mark Reply

    Damn right, if devante not gonna rise up, then Preston will .💪

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    RB Blanco Parker is finally getting a chance get off his 🥜 hopefully both are studs every game

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    with that turd Stills gone
    both will

Richard Arroyo Reply

Wish him the best I really think hes gonna make the best of it in NFL

JGphins Reply

PW best of luck young brother – to victory!

Fast Pony Reply

Not expecting a W, but wanna see them ball out and give 100% and if it’s good enough to win then so be it. Home game in the heat so that can’t hurt. Finz Up!

Marky Mark Reply

Hopefully he is type to rise up and not shy away come game day, this is real now..I think Preston has talent to become like a Megatron type of wide receiver in NFL.

    A Mack Reply

    Marky Mark he’s definitely a gamer bro. We went to high school together

Logan Hampton Reply

Get #10

Disaster Vloggers Reply

He super happy. Im happy just to see him happy. Go ball out bruh skies the limit my dude.

RjchyRich Reply

This dude is cool

Three3 Lee Reply

Aj green 2.0 minus the injuries

Suave Guyy Reply

Jakeem should change that 19 and get 10

Roger Craig Reply

5 wide, Parker, Williams, Wilson, Grant, and Gesicki. When we get that Oline fixed, we will terrorize any defense.

clemente3472 Reply

This guy ends every sentence with “so”

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